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I recently found the perfect seller for my professional requirements and planned to rely on his work. I wrote him a good review but either I’ve been misquoted and/or reviews were confused. He was notified that my review was a bad one and what promised to be an excellent working relationship is now questionable. Where can I go to clear up this misunderstanding?

I love Fiverr and plan to continue using its services, but I’ve often wished for a Help Desk or Customer Service option. For example, I tend to use the same sellers, but i have trouble contacting them unless I go through my past mail files. Why can’t I directly access their site by typing their gig handles into the search bar?


If you go to your “shopping” page and access the “completed” orders (from the drop-down menu), all your orders including that order with the questionable review should be listed by completion date, and if you click on the order, the whole order page, including all communications and your written review and any response from the seller, will show up. You can double-check what your wrote, and if you did indeed somehow leave a negative instead of positive, file a report with customer support asking to change it. You can click on the words I just wrote, which are now a live link, or click on customer support on the bottom of every page on the Fiverr site and if you look up ^ there is also a link at the top of this page. When you file a report, you’ll need to include the order number, which starts #FO

To find your sellers by nickname: type the name into a search box. On the Fiverr site, the response is for gigs, but you’ll see the words “Looking for users containing …? click here”.

OR if you look up your completed orders as I explained above, you can click on the seller’s nickname everywhere you see it in green letters because it’s an active link.

OR you can use the smaller search box on the sidebar area of your Fiverr pages, which searches for the name anywhere you’ve used it, as in emails or orders.


"On the Fiverr site, the response is for gigs, but you’ll see the words “Looking for users containing …? click here”.

The above comment is not true today 4/27/2015. I cannot find my old sellers this way