Customer Service


If your selling something for $.1 or $5 always practice good customer service. You should always thank customers and make sure they are satisfied with their order. The practice of good, quality customer service brings repeat customers and new clients.


+1 for that. I see people replying with something like “Ok” “thanks” etc.etc. ! Good customer support is the key for more sales :slight_smile:


I always follow up with my clients and also leave great feedback for them


Totally agree with providing good customer service. I always make an effort to be professional and polite when dealing with customers; and it should be common place across all sellers.

Occasionally you’ll get a customer that’s a pain in the a**, but often taking a little time to explain things to them and reassure them (if required) will indeed mean repeat orders like you mentioned.


Indeed. Some people don’t take there fiverr business serious enough. Repeat business is often the true bread and butter.