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I’m finding that maintaining contact with my buyers, past and present is starting to result in more orders. It also keeps sellers “top of mind” with buyers; reminding them you’re here and ready to help them. Try it, it works!


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Anyone can correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t this be CONSIDERED as SPAMMING under Fiverr Terms Of Service?
Contacting your buyer after sales like @tombruce1949 is suggesting.


Yes, it is. As applied by a clueless newbie with a poor grasp of the English language (= a stunning lack of subtlety), it will simply result in suspended inbox privileges and eventual banning–despite this being a sound follow-up technique outside of Fiverr.

Try it, it works!


This is indeed considered spamming and can lead to the restriction of your messaging system. I wouldn’t recommend it!


@emmaki Gracias Senorita! :smiley:


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Then why did someone suggest that you message your buyers and let them know that Fiverr will be down for a period of time? I only asked how that was possible?