Customer Services Need A Huge Improvement


I have to say I am shocked with Fiverr customer services. I have never known a company to be so slow in responding. I have had one ticket open for over three days and another one open for over 24 hours. What is going on.

In the past couple of weeks I have heard about people leaving fiverr and going elsewhere because of the way things are going with customer services, when are they going to get their act together.



On the flip side, I have an excellent record with Fiverr support and I use them a lot.

They are fast to respond and very patient. Case study; I’ve had a technical issue going on for over 2 weeks. Support has contacted me almost daily for updates. And just this morning the the issue was resolved.


It seems you are the lucky one, many people have had problems with customer support, and still I have not had a response from them, very shocking