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Customer support canceled buyers order after a month the project completed

Any reason why it should be happening? The buyer asking for another revision but this is not my fault. I have been done the project last December 20, 2019, and after the project completed I didn’t hear anything from the buyer and then after a month (January 26, 2020) the buyer returned and asking for another revision. I ask additional charges but the buyer refuses my offer. To make it clear, I told the buyer to make the revisions without any additional charges but since I got an active order request I can’t make it together. Is this reasonable? Customer support is not fair.

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Customer service:
Hello there,

Your buyer informed you on 1/26/20 that they took so long to respond due to family issues. We contacted you many times to give you the chance to assist the buyer and avoid any cancelations.

For your future orders, if you tell your buyers you will make a revision or delivery within a certain timeframe, please make sure you honor that to avoid any other similar cancelations.


“family issues” It is reasonable?

Yes, you need to be available pretty much for a long time to buyers.

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