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Customer support cancelled my completed order

I have completed 3 orders with a client about 3 weeks ago, and he gave me 5 star rating on each.
And today fiverr customer support canceled the order…

If the buyer is no longer on Fiverr, it was more than likely a credit card chargeback.

But why im harmed for his acts

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Is your buyer still on Fiverr? If he is, then Fiverr CS felt he had a legitimate reason to cancel.

If the buyer is no longer on the Fiverr platform then Fiverr blocked them for doing a chargeback.

As Fiverr CS has said many times, when you don’t make :money_with_wings: Fiverr does not make money.

Does cancellations says it was cancelled by fiverr customer support ?
" The buyer cancelled this order and funds were returned to their balance." ?
If second one it was chargeback !

In both case you need to reach out to cs and they’ll help you out.

If CS cancelled that, ask for the reason and if charge back show them proof of order that it was done as promised and they may compensate you !

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