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Customer Support - Does it serve its purpose anymore?


Customer Support - Does it serve its purpose anymore?

Please note that this topic is not intended at bashing customer support. Instead, I would be delighted if we could use this space to discuss our ideas, concerns, and ways to improve our communication with customer support in the most democratic way possible. This is why I sincerely hope this topic won’t get censored.

That being said, I will cite two recent experiences with Fiverr’s customer support that have left me puzzled.

a) A bit over a year ago I came across Fiverr seller who was selling the same service as I. However, he was using my gig description word by word. Just copied and pasted it. Needless to say, I reported this guy. Customer supported gave me one of their generic answers: due to our Privacy Policy they can’t discuss this case with me but it has been sent to Trust and Safty team. All good, I was thinking.

But three months ago I spotted this seller again. He was still selling the same gig and still using my description. So now I first contact this fine gentleman:

  • “Why did you steal my gig description”, I ask.
  • “I was inspired”, he replies.

So I report him once again. Once more I receive the same generic answer: Privacy Policy and Trust and Safety Team. Three months later, he’s still selling the same gig and still using my gig description.

So I must ask two important questions here:

  • Does Fiverr consider permissible to copy and paste other people gig descriptions?

  • If not, why is customer support so ineffective in solving this issue?

b) A few days ago I had one of the most difficult customers ever. She was aggressive, impolite, unprofessional. She demanded extra services for free, rush delivery for free, free revisions where they did not apply.

We were working on several orders at once and one of these orders was closed before I got to know the dark side of this woman. So normally I would just cancel an order with such customer but this time I feared that she could post a bad review (to the order we had already closed) if I do not meet all her irrational requests. So I provided extra services for free. I provided free revisions. I put up with all the aggression and insults.

When she got all the files and made sure they are fully functional, she opened an order dispute and requested refund threatening that she will write a terrible review. Once again, I reminded her of all free services I provided, I reminded her that I am still at her disposal for free revisions if something is wrong with the files, and I reminded her that it is not allowed to blackmail sellers with a bad review. Her response? A one-star review.

So I take this to the customer support. They say there was no violation of TOS. At the same time, the customer disappears from Fiverr. I can’t possibly know whether they have blocked her or she run away with my files. Either way, a one-star review is on my profile now and I definitely did not deserve it.

So I must ask the following:

  • Does blackmailing sellers into a refund constitute a violation of TOS?

  • Is there a way for customer support to protect sellers from these type of customers?

Did you have a similar experience? Is there a way we can improve our communication with customer support? What can sellers do in cases as described above? Please share your thoughts.

Thank you so much.


All right, I’ll keep this short.
For the first one, CS probably warned the user. I think there’s a 3 strike system for stuff like this. talk to them again and be as professional as you were when you wrote this. Good job by the way.
For the second one, this happens from time to time. In cases like this, you don’t need to bend but rather be stern. You should’ve told the client that you will cancel and if they used any files/content/image or anything from the order you will retaliate with a DMCA.
I’m sorry you had this experience but Fiverr is for the buyer, not the seller.