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Customer support doesn't reply!

Hello, I’ve contacted fiverr customer support in Sept 2nd, Today its Sept 5th and still not reply!

Are they ignoring people or what exactly?

anyone facing the same problem? thanks.

There seems to be a delay right now, they must be pretty backed up. I recently waited 4 days as well.

Hello, I as well submitted a request a few days ago and it has taken quite some time to receive a reply. I do remember last year they would reply in about 4 hours; however, I think with the large increase in users they are a little overwhelmed at the moment.

That usually happens. Sometimes, you’ll have to do extreme measures just to get their attention.

often 2,3 days

customer support have high volume of tickets now days, so its take more time for respond. you can contact fiverr in facebook then he/she consider on your ticket in priority basis. sure. Thanks

they don’t, 3 days delay still nothing. This is not serious for an online business like this.