Customer Support Doesn't reply



i submitted request 3 days ago in . generally i got response 1-2 day . but 3 days gone but i can’t get any response from them. can anyone give me suggestion what i need to do …

Thank in advance


They do reply… It just takes some time… You can also try to make a follow-up ticket, just to make sure. :slight_smile:


already 4 days gone … :frowning: … and took also a followup ticket , almost 2 days gone :frowning:


I have an 100% effective idea.

Go to their page on facebook and tell them by commenting on their post that you are waiting since so and so date still no reply. Also give them ticket number. They will get back to you within hours. But do this only if you are in too much hurry!


same story here. 6 days passed and no reply in my any ticket :frowning:


Reply to @rahulkajla1: Thank YOu :slight_smile:


Reply to @webexpert1313: :frowning: