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Customer support hasn't responded me

I created a ticket to contact customer support. But they didn’t reply me after three days even. I created a second ticket and told all my issue. It’s been two days to my second ticket, still didn’t get any reply.
Please help.
How many days is it normal to wait for them?
Stay blessed

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Customer support is completely overloaded. They take about a week or so to respond. You need to be patient. It is unwise to send another ticket. They do not like this as it causes confusion. (Two different support people will now be working on the same request.)


I am a new freelancer. It was my first time with fiverr customer support. I thought they would reply in 24 hours.
Thta’s why i was worried.
I hope they reply me soon so I can resolve my issue.
I am still worried

Unfortunately, due to an overload they are taking longer. Do you want to share your issue? Maybe someone will have good advice for you.

I recently tried to attach my payoneer account to my fiverr for my payment withdrawl. My payoneer account got blocked because mistakenly I used my mother’s id card for verfication. Now, I can’t use fiverr revenue card option for withdrawl.
I want to attach my second payoneer account to my fiverr.
What should I do?
I am extremely worried

I have just seen a message on this forum today, telling people not to use Payneer as they have frozen all accounts. Open a Paypal account, I use PayPal and I have good service.

Unfortunately. Paypal isn’t supported in our country. It’s not available here in Pakistan.

Your funds won’t go missing on Fiverr. Customer service are the only people who can help you.

Is the no other way of paying? I definitely saw something about Payneer. If I were you I would search Payneer here in the forum and look for that message.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any other option to get Funds here. Payoneer is the only option. I am screwed up

I needed funds but I can’t withdraw

fiverr just responded me.Thankyou for your help

This is the article I was referring to:

NOTE: It’s still not clear which users are affected as of now, and there’s still no official response from Payoneer. Looks like only card transactions are affected.

EDIT: Latest update from Payonerr courtesy of @chupavix:

I had my card rejected several times this morning, which of course prompted me to communicate with Payoneer CS.

Their response was that all funds are frozen temporarily by the FCA, the regulator in UK.

The reason being that Wirecard AG (Germany) filed for insolvency.

I had a lot of money in my account, it’s what I use to pay my bills and family’s expenses.

Payoneer is “working on sending out an email to all cardholders.”

Until we learn more about this situation, please avoid sending cleared revenue to your Payoneer cards and do not use the “bank transfer” option either, as that one is being facilitated by Payoneer as well.

I am in shock.

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I read on the payoneer’s official page. I guess they were clearing certain things. It’s working again.
Anyhow, I will make the account after confirmation