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Customer Support is a Joke and Cancels Orders in Mutual Cancellation


I was told previously by support that an order in mutual cancellation would not be cancelled by support. I had a customer request a mutual cancellation and so I offered it. Support turned around and cancelled it instead of letting the customer accept the cancellation. When I contacted them, Julia tells me that they cannot remove the addition strike from my account which is BS. I am ready to leave this crappy platform. This just continues to get more and more ridiculous.


@cre8iveartwork Is there somewhere that it says if they cancel their order, the ability to leave feedback??? I don’t know how that is even possible.


Reply to @alb8475:

Talking about money… I also agree with you on the feedbacks for cancelled orders… what’s up with that ? If he got his money back… and I only got my time wasted,why do I need a negative review too ?

Sheriff’s Note: Image removed for your account safety.

Buyer! Nothing Know about on which Gig i have to Order

And apparently support is letting clients leave feedback on cancelled orders now. What a joke!!!


You offered cancellation and after 2 days it was cancelled?


Same thing happened to me. I cannot understand their weird behavior.


No. I offered a cancellation and an hour later it was cancelled.


I’ve just come to the realization that Fiverr is not a good platform for offering quality services. The buyer can rig the system using endless modifications and then run away with a free product at the end.

If they don’t wake up soon, they’ll lose many quality sellers and be left with a host of scammers who have nothing to lose with their “products”.


So support cancel it without waiting buyer to accept it?


Yes they did. Ridiculous isn’t it?


Reply to @alb8475: yeah… But they are only doing that if buyer is complaining or something like that.


I have yet to experience this, but what I have heard from the sheriffs is that customer support generally cancels orders when the buyer has an invalid payment situation. It’s unfortunate that Fiverr doesn’t take the additional two seconds to provide any sort of explanation (they definitely need improvement in this area). However if in fact they were looking out for you then that’s good I guess. It seems weird that this happened on an order you were already have issues with but maybe it’s a coincidence. I certainly don’t agree with customer service cancellations negatively effecting a sellers rating as it has nothing to do with the seller. That literally makes zero sense and is another improvement they should make on behalf of the people who earn them a pay check.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Don’t leave! Fiverr may let you down but I guarantee you have some good buyers that would be dissapoint by your absence. Don’t let the people who matter down because Fiverr has issues. Hopefully they will make some positive changes. Good luck to you!


Talking about weird behavior … I was recently asked by support not to place smileys when talking with a buyer like ( ‘’ :slight_smile: ‘’ )

Awesome .


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: I don’t understand why CS would get involved in how a seller communicates with a buyer especially concerning smileys! My name some with the Fiverr support and administration can be summed up with this… They don’t get involved when they obviously should, and do get involved when they obviously should not. A seller gets royally screwed and blackmailed by a buyer, Fiverr won’t get involved. A seller is minding their own business and following all the rules Fiverr does get involved. What the heck kind of sense does that make!?


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I know but we can’t do much about it :slight_smile: … I just move on,with or without the smileys lol … I have been told that something like this ‘’ :slight_smile: ‘’ doesn’t look good and it’s unprofessional. Oh well…


Anyway :slight_smile: I am not even going to stress myself … I got used with rude buyers,insults… stupid jokes for 5$ … And what did I do ? I smiled… Good thing they didn’t banned me for smiling :slight_smile: but who knows,there’s still time for that

arty182925 said: Reply to @alb8475: yeah... But they are only doing that if buyer is complaining or something like that.

I agree. It's probably timing too. A customer was unhappy and conveyed to seller they wanted to cancel. At some point a complaint to CS also went in from buyer. Seller read message by buyer and agreed to cancel. Who knows if the buyer was even on Fiverr at that moment? CS looks at complaint ticket an hour later, agreed with buyer and cancelled it out.

CS could just send instructions to the buyer to go to the order page and click the accept cancellation button. Although, sometimes new buyers here can get confused and they run the risk of having to take even more time (and the buyers frustration) explaining in a follow up ticket. If they just cancel immediately, they can close the ticket and be done with it.

@alb8475- Judging from your other threads in past weeks it seems you've had frequent run-ins with CS lately. I'm not saying it's right, but maybe they're not being as flexible if there has been many negative back and forth exchanges? In your other threads, if I remember right - you said that you've had many buyers contact CS and the transaction was cancelled (although the buyers told you they didn't specifically request to cancel). You also said they then took away your TRS due to the cancellations.

I'm just another seller and you've had way more experience here, but I'll offer my advice anyway. :) There might be little changes you can make to stop your buyers from contacting CS. Maybe adding some words to the initial automated message and delivery message, 100% convincing them that if they have ANY issues you are the one to contact.


@typingservice I do put that in my messages already. You will come to find out soon enough that while customer support used to be fairly helpful, they are not helpful any longer. I don’t really care if I get my TRS badge back. I am just tired of the way they jerk sellers around on this platform. I bring in lots of money for this site and do not receive any help at all. They are the most pitiful customer service group I have run across in a while.


Oh and by the way, I was told by the editors that they were going to work with me and help me, but I have not heard back from them since that message to me. I have contacted them every day to see how they are going to help me with my level but now I am just chalking that up to another broken promise.


Not really… a buyer can ask support to cancel the order after they leave a review without removing it… that’s the thing :slight_smile: