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Customer Support is a joke. They don't care about sellers at all

and they just market the ticket closed without any response.

Unbelievable. I am told I have done something that I have not and getting punished because the buyer is lying.

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The same thing happened with me but honestly, you can’t do anything, you can write a post on Twitter or Facebook and they just might give a better reply but trust me on this one, you are not getting your money back unless you take some extreme measures.

You could have added your update in existing topic and not create new one. I guess it is the same topic, right?

Is there a way to merge it?

It’s the same order but this is specifically about the Customer Support’s problematic behavior.

For example, they kept telling me that I have not provided the source file, I have told them I have provided the source file, and they just keep answering that I have not provided source files. I literally told them in 5 messages, with screenshots, that I have, but they still insist I haven’t send the source file.

That’s the problem, they don’t read and they don’t do their jobs.

What’s even worse is that I can’t even reply to the 1 star review I am stuck with

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Hi Loathen, I am sorry to hear about your experience. I had instances (not on Fiverr) where I had to explain myself a couple of times exactly because the recipient of my e-mail didn’t bother to read and understand the entirety of my message, so I can imagine how frustrating this case might be for you.

I am just toying with this idea, but could it be that what they meant was “you didn’t provide the source files with your final delivery after the extension and thus it is considered late”? I understand that the client never indicated that the source file was mandatory, but perhaps from Fiverr’s point of view… it was. And that even when you sent it afterwards, Fiverr still considered that as “late delivery”.

Regarding Google Drive delivery issue, Fiverr is usually very, very serious about not sending your delivery off-Fiverr (yes, even when their platform has some technical issues), especially since the client claimed that the files didn’t work. It’s like a double whammy for them in a negative sense. Usually they would want you to contact them if there is a technical issue where you can’t deliver on-platform. If you contact them then, at least you will have a stronger proof that your delay was partially-caused by the system error.

Thank you for your reply, I want to make somethings clear.

I am a 100% sure that if the first delivery was made before the deadline, the order is not late. I have had tens of order that took twice, triple, even 5 times more than the original delivery time with the revisions. (for example, 2 days delivery time job took 5 days to complete and it won’t count late.) I was told by CS that as well, the first delivery must be made within the delivery time and revisions does not make the delivery late.

As I said the CS, source file was never mentioned so I haven’t send it with the delivery files. I still don’t understand how they can count this as a reason to cancel.

And for the google drive thing, if I told the buyer I couldn’t send the files and I will have to wait for CS to respond, he wouldn’t have stand for that, believe me. Do you know the first response time for 2 of my recent tickets? 8 and 10 days. The buyer couldn’t even wait 5 hours to get the source files and requested cancelation.

“the files didn’t work” thing is just a misunderstanding from the CS. I sent the files via Google Drive, it was not public. I have made it public immidiately. So the buyer couldn’t access the files for 2 minutes. That’s it. Nothing more to it.

And I have a proof, the buyer sent the files and I couldn’t see them, I still can’t see them.

My side

Buyer’s screenshot

They also first said, repeatedly, that the buyer canceled because of poor work. I have shown proof that buyer said “good work” for the final delivery, yet still they keep his lying 1 star review up. I can’t even reply to that!

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Thank to God that you got a response!
Me and a buyer are fighting so I seek help from support but its 18 days and there are no response from them!

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  • “Late order” They could have told CS they were forced to stick with you since the deadline was tight and they no longer had time to look for someone else. It’s not like if they’ve declined the extension request, you’d deliver within 24 hours, right? You couldn’t, it took you 30+ hours instead of 24. Like I said in the original post, I’ve been in similar situations as a “buyer”. Or rather, as another subcontractor who also had a deadline to meet but couldn’t because I was waiting for the files from another person (who was paid extra to deliver fast but didn’t). It’s a legitimate situation, it’s unprofessional, it’s annoying. I’d believe your buyer if they presented the story in this way to me.

  • “Poor quality”. The buyer either outright lied or said they couldn’t use the files (because they no longer had time or source files to fix something) and CS interpreted the statement in this manner. If there is a screenshot where the buyer says the work is good, this no longer applies as a good enough reason to cancel something.

  • “Source files were not provided”. No excuse for this one. You are not obligated to provide anything outside the order’s scope. The fact that CS seems to think that you should and can provide random file formats at all times and the buyer is somehow entitled to your time and resources at all times is, well, not surprising but not good at all. I think someone tried to demand a .CDR vector from me once long after the final delivery (when nowhere in my gig descriptions does it say that I can provide it). Good times.

That’s true. I can attest that this bug is back (if it ever left) and I have to ask buyers to resend me the files through the inbox. Someone has also complained to me recently that they couldn’t attach more than one file per message.


Same, I’m disappointed about Fiverr support.

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I guess I am one of the lucky dudes that had no issues with customer support.

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You are lucky. I’m waited for about a week for CS response and they did not help me with my problem.

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Pretty sure people already explained to you how you got yourself into that situation the last time you posted about this.

I think the cancellation is justified to be honest, you initially promised a 24 hour delivery, just because they accepted to extend doesn’t mean they were happy to do so, in fact it seems to me they kind of just resigned to the fact you couldn’t deliver what you had promised.

Customer support is pretty helpful, I’ve had to contact them as a buyer and seller around 6 times in the past month and each time they were swift and helpful simply because I was in the right. You don’t seem to realize that you had initially agreed to 24 hour delivery and failed to deliver within that time frame, the worst part is, is that it was a custom offer which means you had the freedom to say you needed 48 hours, its an open and close case from the get go.

You are being unfair.

They don’t need to be happy, they accepted the extension. End of discussion. If the buyer said “I need it right now and I won’t extend” I would understand. That’s not the case. I said I couldn’t deliver within the 24 hours timeframe and requested an extension, the buyer agreed to an extension and did not say anything about cancelation.

It’s like CS over again, you don’t read and you still say the same thing. I have provided screenshots for what I will say here:

I have delivered the first version at 30th hour, after he agreen a one day extension.
He wanted revisions, I made the changes and send the second (and final) file at 40th hour.
Buyer saw it at 46th hour, thanked me for the good work.

Yet you still claim late delivery being the problem.

The problem is he is entitled and requested the source files he had no right to. I told him I will give it to him as soon as I get home and he didn’t respect that, lied and got the order canceled. Simple as that.

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Though @lenasemenkova has cleared everything, but if you are hoping to hear from someone that CS is wrong to satisfy yourself, I will say it for you that CS is wrong. You have to compromise. Your mistake is that first you say Source files were not part of the contract, if it wasnt then why did you agree at the first that you will send, You mentioned that you will deliver him after few hours so when you mentioned, you shouldnt cry about the source files matter. This is the first reason. You cant back off from your words. Be professional, think about it, what if you purchase something and need some changes in it, and suppose the shop keeper agrees but later back off, wont you be mad?

Secondly, initially you agreed on 24 hour work, so you should have delivered it within 24 hours. Buyer agreed to accept maybe he was in bound as he couldnt look for someone as he had no time and was in hurry to get it done. But you failed to deliver and requested for more time, having no choice he accepted. I would have also done the same if i need the work urgent and a seller tells me he need few more hours.

So stick to the agreement from the beginning or deliver what you later agree in your conversation and choose the time frame only if you can deliver it within the same time, for precaution always ask the buyer if extra time in case is required, can he or she give? It is true that sometimes CS are unfair to sellers, but in this scenario they are right.

Hope you understand. Otherwise you can keep wasting your time and not learn from your mistakes. Does anyone else agrees with me?

If you and I had a lengthy discussion about the project’s scope, the deadlines, the urgency, etc., put together a custom offer, agreed on a higher price and then you went: “I actually need considerably more time than agreed upon, lol”, I’d report you right there, to be honest. No one’s being unfair here.

In this case, your buyer declining the extension request wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t help them to get the files sooner so what’s the point.

Fiverr CS really love to give you an automated response that it doesn’t respond to your issue at all and then mark the request as “solved.” This is the first place I’ve encountered that. Usually, customer support responds and then the customer has the option to say whether this solves the issue or not. The fact that Fiverr CS constantly closes unsolved tickets, has absolutely no way to elevate tickets when the representative can’t help, and provides zero alternative means of getting support (a chat system, a phone number, an email address to someone higher up) really shows the degree to which they don’t care about CS at all. The best part is when they say “Fiverr support is available 24/7” and then when you submit a ticket tell you to expect an answer in 2 days. They’re perfectly happy shoving countdown timers in sellers faces and emailing us twenty times that our order is due soon but when it comes to them, apparently time is suddenly insignificant. They’re a joke.

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Okay, now you are being rude. Crying? That’s not civil. I have explained why I agreed to send the source files, because he paid a lot of money so I didn’t charge him extra. That’s it.

Maybe I can’t explain it, maybe you don’t understand but I wrote this:

“I have delivered the first version at 30th hour, after he agreen a one day extension.
He wanted revisions, I made the changes and send the second (and final) file at 40th hour.
Buyer saw it at 46th hour, thanked me for the good work .”

Now, if the buyer thanks me for the good work and also says “I will approve once I get the source files”, that means he is not concerned with late delivery. Am I wrong here or not?

I am not saying I am fully right, I have been late, but I am saying that the buyer agreed to an extension and he was happy to accept, after 22 hours of being “late”"

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Sorry if i sounded rude. That was not my intention. What I mean is just burn the past, turn the page and move on. Learn from your mistakes for future orders. Always mention all the details in the contract.

When you made a decision to send the source files, you should have mentioned the exact time of which you will send. If it wasnt part of the deal, you should’nt have accepted at the first place but like you mentioned he paid alot, this right here is your mistake. This shows unprofessionalism here. If another buyers pays less money so you wont deliver him the source files but if someone gave a good amount, you will deliver? This is inequality. Make one rule and apply that for everyone. We should try our best to satisfy our clients till where we can according to the order requirements

Keep in mind, not every day is a good day. There are good people and bad people out there. It all depends on you how to manage the situation. You will see alot of generous buyers and very rude even.

For deadline, like i said, the buyer might be bound. If i was the buyer, I would have rejected the request but if i am in a hurry and have no choice i would have obviously accepted the request.

For the revision part, if you delivered it before 24 hours for instance, the buyer could have asked you then. Since you delivered it at the 30th hour, he requested once seen and online. He’s a person and he also needs some time to review the work.

True, he seems not concerned. But you should have either give him a timeframe or reject at the moment.

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I just discovered that the video I made is being used by the customer. I have forwarded the video to the Customer Support.

The 1 star review is still up after 1 month. God knows how it affected my profile here. Probably lost more than a thousand dollars…

There is nothing left to say here.

Is there any way I can report a certain Customer Support representative? .