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** customer support is not helping! **

A buyer who first posted me a negative review, PROMISED me that if I were to give him the completed source files of the job I have done for him, he would remove the negative review.

At first I refused as I thought it wouldn’t work like that but later agreed to it as I was assured that the customer support would help me if I had a problem like this as I have the PROOF of the buyer PROMISING me to remove the review once I submit him with the necessary files.

NOW the seller is NOT replying me after getting the files and it has already been 2 WEEKS! I contacted the customer support and explained him in detail of what is the problem, BUT he is just not doing it even though it is CLEARLY visible that the buyer wont ever come back and change the review since he already got what he wants from me.

Someone please help me with this as it is the ONLY negative review I have in my gig!

AND the BEST PART is that the customer support personal who was assisting me with this issue, turned the ticket’s status to " AWAITING YOUR REPLY " When I already replied to him.


Below is a screenshot of the conversation which ahppened between me and the customer support personal.

Reply to @bachas85: No they havent :confused:

Thanks a lot! I will post it on their facebook page.

I never had a problem like this before, but now its getting worse and worse.


Never fall into that trap. In the eyes of customer support IF the buyer promises to remove negative feedback they WILL NOT remove the negative feedback until the customer actually says “i now give permission for the feedback to be removed”. It seems you caught Jay on an ‘off-day’. sometimes he is the greatest CS agent in the world. Other times he is the most difficult to work with. :frowning:

I know right! :confused:

But I have taken this to the facebook community.

Let me see what they can do.

Wow, NO response from facebook page either…

Its been a month… and no response from the customer support…

I am planning to create another discussion about this.

Please help me regarding this :confused: