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Customer Support is very Unresponsive

I have submitted a ticket and Now even 5 days passed and still not any response on there

as i am also using other freelancer site and each has almost 3 to 4 hour responsive time but it was very disgusting that fiverr that has big platform and have third class customer support

Dear @jamshaid32

they might be doing some research about what you asked them etc.

I have been here for almost three years and I have never ever experienced any issues with fiverr customer support.

Think about this way, Did you ask them the right question? Is it related to a sale that you have done, or something else etc. Did you also check the priority check mark too? (very important) All of this things matter. Also, Saturdays and Sundays slow things too.

but, I doubt that they ignore you and will not answer promptly to your concern.

Enjoy your time here. fiverr is a great place to do things you love for other people.

Hope you find my writings friendly here.


Odd, I always get response within a day, usually same day.

This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

Everything is fine question is related to gigs problem and ticket is still opened but still not get first response as 6 days passed even last day i submit a new ticket but almost 26 hours passed still no response

In my personal Opinion Maximum 48 hours take customer support and he/she will be resolve my issue surely. Thanks

Please Be Patient. They have lot of tickets to Respond…
Yep They Responded Within 24 - 48 Hours.

Hope They Respond soon.

Fiverr customer support is best, just you need to wait few times. I hope they will solve your issue shortly!!!

mine got pretty good exp with cs, last times is about pendind clearance bug, first times was a guy, then i submit one ticket more and a girl reply me, she very honest and lovely. all my problem solved and i’m happy :smiley:

i submited 2nd ticket when i didnot get response from first one 7 days passed and they are not responding on my ticket then what how much i wait month or an year :)>-

CS usually reply to my ticket within a day but my buyer, who is having a payment error and he sent ticket to CS but after 4 days no response. I don’t understand why.

Reply to @jamshaid32: Opening more than one ticket slows them down. Opening one ticket, being very polite, explaining your issue well but concisely and saying please/thank you are helpful in getting a faster response. Opening extra tickets, being rude, or not proofreading can get you slow response or get your tickets closed.

Reply to @dungdung: there website is getting some issue i think or even they have not too much team to respone the tickets even on each other freelancer site maximum time is 3 to 4 hour

Reply to @jamshaid32: The more tickets you open, the longer the response time is likely to be and/or the less chance you will get a response. Like any other Customer Support, Fiverr is accustomed to getting a reasonable ticket that needs a reasonable response within 24-72 hours. Also like any other Customer Support, they get harassment from people who create multiple tickets.

The ideal situation is to submit a ticket and give it a few days to go through and get answered. Creating additional tickets, not so much. Once you submit a second or third ticket you are all the more likely to wait longer or have your tickets closed.

I have waited 16 days with no response yet. I hope all is well.