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Customer support isn't helping :(

I’ve recently placed a support ticket and it was closed without any response. (This request is closed for comments.) My gig was disappeared from the search result 3 months ago. i’ve tried so much to get my gig back to the search result since last 3 months. the support ticket was regarding this.
I’m a level 2 seller with more than 2K happy customers for my gig. already completed 3.2K orders in fiverr. it’s really unfair to treat me like this :frowning:

I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to bring up my rankings too - it’s just different for everyone.
I don’t think emailing them will help you change your rankings - perhaps be more online, talk on the forums, and have your orders delivered on time, etc. will help.

Yes i know. i wasn’t asking for rank up from CS. i’ve received 20+ orders and also received postie feedback for every order afterwards by my previous buyers. but no new orders from new buyers.
My question is, My gig isn’t coming back to the search result while i’m receiving positive feedback since last three months. why does this happened to my gig?

Your gig is featured! That’s as good as it gets so not sure what you mean.

Whats the actual reason they told you ??

Yes. my gig was received the featured badge about 1 year ago. you can directly visit to my gig through the url. but it doesn’t listed in the search result. so the users haven’t my gig’s url, they can’t find my gig :confused:

Actually they didn’t mentioned any reason. they are saying that the gigs are rotated all of the time. but my gig is not just rotated it’s position. it is disappeared from the search result.

are you able to find your gig from in the search or in the relevant categories . If ur gig is present or u are receiving views and clicks . Its mean gig is still present but you need some order to bost your ranking