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Customer support lacks integrity

I am a level 2 seller of psychics services. I have been here with no problems for almost a year now. When I tell you I was getting 3-5 orders a day EVERY DAY for over 6 months…that is not exaggerating. Once I became a level 2 I noticed my orders dropping impressively as if all of a sudden they are not being advertised. I wait, weeks go by, no change, so I sent CS a ticket. How they responded was very unprofessional. Instead of answering my question, “why am I no longer getting orders as I was as a 1 now at a 2” I had 7 of my gigs immediately flagged for TOS violation. It seems those gigs have been slipping under the radar, even though they are the ones who approved them. SO…I turned off my 3 package choice, read the TOS and made sure my gigs were within 30 days of service length. The TOS rule is, “services shall not EXCEED 30 DAYS” Mine was set at 30, 60 and 90. So, once again, turned off the 60 and 90 and changed my description to be within the boundaries and resubmitted them for review. I get a message from support telling me until my gigs are in line they won’t even look at my problem.

Then I go to sleep. I wake up, look at my account and those same gigs are flagged again, for the very same reason. So upon investigation, I can see my packages have all been turned back on bringing my gigs back outside TOS bounds!! I go to my support ticket. All I get from support is treatment as if I am some newbie know-nothing here they tell me crap like clear your browser cache, go to the forum and ask for tips and tricks on getting new clients, share your services across social media, get some tips on proper use of social media, etc…ALL OF WHICH I HAVE DONE THAT GOT ME THIS FAR SUCCESSFULLY! I mean talk to me like I am less than a level 1 seller, I am a level 2, which only means I have worked my ass off to get where I am today using social media, tips and tricks and all that. That answer not only undermines the fact I am an experienced, successful seller on Fiverr not to mention I am a computer use expert and know all the tricks to browser setting, etc.

It is more than obvious that CS has not even looked into my issue and is unfairly targeting me for harassment. Let me warn you here, if you do not want Fiverr to see you, don’t send them a support ticket because with all the buyers and sellers on this site and the fact that they won’t even give out their number says they are lack of employees and do not want to deal with the hundreds of calls they would be getting from sellers for all sorts of legitimate problems, mostly caused by their lack of technological wisdom.

I also noticed that it took their flag messages 2 hours to get to me yesterday, and that reminded me that I have also been noticing it has been taking 2 hours or more for sales and notifications to get to me. By the time I was getting orders they were already 2 hours old. That started happening recently so it has only happened a few times given the fact all my sales are gone. As of today, 4 complete days without 1 sale. And this is coming from someone who was getting 3-5 sales a day, every day for over 6 months straight. I made level 2 in about 7 months if that tells you anything. Now…nothing. SO I sent them a message yesterday about that too, about getting orders and notifications already 2 hours old, know what they did? Closed the order without helping me at all! WIthout saying a single word. My tickets and issues don’t matter apparently. So I have AGAIN revised my gigs to be within TOS guidelines, I can guarantee they will flag them again and continue to mess with me. I am telling you all this because you need to know what sort of place Fiverr is. We’ve all seen this before with destroying themselves doing the very same thing is doing, treating their sellers/writers like second-hand trash and their buyers/advertisers like gold even when the buyer is wrong.

Fiverr is on a road to self-destruction, they fail to understand that they only exist because of the sellers, without the sellers there would be no business here. Just as others in the past have done, they are and will destroy themselves for treating sellers this way.


:thinking: Many sellers who do not bother to read TOS before they set up their gigs have been on the Forum to complain of having issues. It seems all of your issues could have been avoided had you done so. :wink:


Not getting orders isn’t a customer service issue and it doesn’t indicate a technical problem. Fiverr doesn’t owe you sales. Just because you got sales before and don’t now, that doesn’t mean something is wrong. Please look up how algorithms work. It makes perfect sense for your order numbers to ebb and flow. It is the nature of an online marketplace.

You need to comply with the terms of service. Its not okay to try to get customer service to give you a sales advantage, plus the gigs you offer conflict with the direction Fiverr is taking their business.


This is no surprise to me… Customer service deleted my most high producing gig of 3 years!!! They did it because of a violation that they would not tell me the reason or what to change on it to make it right until after they deleted it. Then they would not bring it back up said it was too late. Then after years of being a top seller I got knocked down to a level one then I get an email that I am back at level 2. I don’t think they know what they are doing but I do know when I have made you x amount of dollars I should not be knocked down. Or have my gig deleted without a chance to correct. I have barely been on lately because of it.

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Terms are terms. That doesn’t change just because you bring a company money.

It doesn’t make business sense for Fiverr to allow things that conflict with their terms of service, yes, even if you’ve brought them revenue. Their terms aren’t arbitrary. They exist for a reason.


I’ve always found customer service to be kind and reasonable.

Mind you, I’m always polite … even when I feel a bit cross …


@spiritwalkerxx, you might get in trouble again. I haven’t checked out all of your gigs, but in “I Will Send Powerful Distant Healing Using Reiki” your delivery time is 1 day in all the packages, even though your standard package takes 7 days to fully deliver (Distant reiki healing session with reiki report and ONE week of continuous distant reiki (CDR)), and your premium package takes 14 days to fully deliver (Distant reiki healing session with reiki report and TWO weekS of continuous distant reiki (CDR).). If you deliver those within 1 day, your customers might flag your delivery as partial, and you will get an account warning for that.


It’s all a bit random and I couldn’t really follow your story but here are few things that bothers me:

  1. If they flagged your gigs for TOS violation why you keep asking them about sales? Just ask which exactly rule you broke and fix it. They already flagged your gigs 2 times and on the third time they will just remove them completely.

  2. Fiverr doesn’t owe you any sales. They are right to advise you about marketing, forum etc.

Well, apparently you are. It looks like you got so far because fiverr was giving you a good ride, but now that you run into first troubles and orders are not coming by themselves anymore you have no clue what to do and blaming it on some kind of fiverr “glitch”

  1. It looks like you’ve been sending multiple messages to fiverr support asking them to “give your sales back” and it’s considered as spam especially if they already tried to address your issue couple of times. They are not going to find a glitch that doesn’t exist, it’s just the system intend to work like this.

The great algorithm giveth and it taketh away.

Like @humanissocial said, it ebbs and flows. Things are always subject to change anywhere. Fiverr is no different. While it can be frustrating, it gives others the chance to get discovered and make sales. It’s really a very generous system compared to how it worked before, but no one system can make everyone happy.

You’re new to Fiverr, but you’ll get used to how everything works. It sounds like you are already quite lucky to have been promoted in search as much as you have so early. A lot of newbies don’t get that opportunity, or didn’t used to back in the old days. Now that you have yourself well-established with good reviews, the hard part is over.


Just take it easy bruv! Even in real life businesses go up and down. But just know this too;

  1. As a newbie on Fiverr or when you first register on Fiverr, they see you as a baby and they pamper you, treat you specially and help you promote and build your business. Yes, they are generous like that.

  2. Every day, millions of sellers register on Fiverr to sell the same kind of services or even a better one than yours. Guess what? They also need the same kind of treatment Fiverr gave you when you first came. So, it is only natural that Fiverr drops you from the baby list for them -after all you have what it takes to survive on your own now.

  3. It is a process every old seller have gone through. So, stop thinking it is just you alone. Fiverr doesn’t know most of us here, so they can’t possibly be treating anyone differently.

  4. To keep breaking through on Fiverr just add little patience to all the virtues you have got.

Finally, Fiverr is still one if not the most flexible, friendly and easy going Freelancing platform. I love Fiverr.


lol Newbie? You must have missed the part about being a level 2 seller, with almost 20K in sales in less than a year but with 8 years of prior service on fiverr. Just saying. I guess sharing the actual stats of Fiverr at the BBB wouldn’t mean anything to you either huh. But in case you are interested, and since evidence is King:

Ohhhhh but their sooooo good huh…

I think you need to read what I wrote again. I didn’t say you are a newbie. Please read it again.