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Customer support link gone?

I click on the customer support link and see this:

Is this just me or does anyone else see this?

Yes, its inactive now !

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Hopefully it’s just temporary but one never knows.

Same error 404 page not found error. I think the page is being updated for that We’re getting this error and more I don’t know about that. It will be the reason of updating more feature.

Probably yes, some update you can expect before new week begins …

I would think it would be some kind of message page rather than just a 404 page. That’s usually what you would see if the link was incorrect or broken. It means they removed the page and didn’t put anything in it’s place, which seems odd.

Yesterday for a short time I got a message when I tried to send a message to CS that said “error. The page was not submitted”. Maybe they are working on it.

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It’s just a bad link - it’s where it’s always been:

The link at bottom of the main Fiverr pages has an extra support_tickets where it shouldn’t be. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good way to save on the wage bill though! :wink:


The web had glitching since few hours ago, I was wondering if there’s any update on this website

I think there is some bug because when I click on delivered button all source files are visible and available to download but after few minutes It is showing “Attachment Unavailable” and the buyer can’t download the source files hope fiverr will fix it :slight_smile:

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This link works.


Thanks guys! I’ve had my fiverr scare for the day.

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Welcone :slight_smile:

Hi @misscrystal try with another browser right now. Hope it will work.