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Customer Support not responding since Tuesday


Hi Fellow Sellers:

Is anyone experiencing this currently? I sent a message for assistance to Customer Support on Tuesday morning. The assistance I needed is time sensitive. (Buyer ordered my gig, activated it by sending a message but gave no content. I sent a message to explain that what he sent no content and I can’t work without content or without a discussion. My gig starts by saying to send an inquiry before ordering. He asked for a refund of his $5.) This is now Thursday afternoon, and I have received no response. The clock is running down and I am really scared to do a mutual cancellation as I don’t want my level to be affected. If the clock runs out and I don’t deliver something, my rating will be affected. It’s unhealthy how I feel, but Fiverr had stripped both my levels in one day and I asked for an explanation since it was unwarranted. Even though my level was restored, I now feel that I have been ‘blacklisted’ by Customer Service. It is so wrong to go through all this unnecessary drama. Any thoughts from you guys?


I might be misunderstanding. But are you saying the buyer has requested a refund? “He asked for a refund of his $5.” If so, I would just do a mutual cancellation. It may not be the outcome you’d like, but it’s better than forcing it, and possibly ending up with a negative. Of course CS can’t make your buyer submit content, all they could do is cancel the transaction. I’m not sure, but CS cancelling orders may have the same effect on levels as mutual cancellations. I don’t think cancellations are anything to worry about unless you get a high percentage of them.


I too.


All cancellations have an effect on Levels be that Mutual / Forced or by Customer Support. A mutual cancellation is always better to do. NEVER force a cancellation that will bust your rating down. You can start a mutual cancellation and if the buyer does not respond it will auto cancel and effect the rating of the party that failed to respond.


same here… is customer services on vacation or something?


Customer Service is really swamped lately. We’re all waiting. You haven’t been blacklisted. Everyone just has to be patient - it’s the only option.

Try not to obsess about one cancellation, especially if it’s mutual. One gig won’t ruin your reputation.


they used to have some kinda of "expecting time waiting " thing, but I think they disabled it, so now hard to tell when they will look at our tickets.


Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the responses. ozzieuk, I learned something from your message about mutual cancellations. Still learning since this is only my third month on Fiverr.


Try to ask your buyer to re submit the instruction in a message.

I got the same bug where the customer sent the instruction and I got an email and notification. But when I enter the order page I see that the counter hasn’t started yet and not instruction.

So I ask the buyer to re send because the CS didn’t answer after 30 hours


Reply to @genivive: No Problem :slight_smile:


Yeah I wouldn’t take it personally. One of my tickets still hasn’t been assigned to a support agent for over 2 days now.

Priority support indeed… Lol


Same here. No response yet and it’s been over 10 hours. Usually it takes 10-30 minutes to get an issue resolved. I got an automated message saying they are experiencing a heavy amount of tickets.