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Customer Support Not Responding to tickets


I have submitted a ticket to customer support 3 days ago and still it hasn’t even assigned to an agent. They says that it will take around 24-48hrs but its past 72hrs now. Is this something experience by others also.

I get it that it can be delayed due to CIVID-19 pandemic. But my last ticket opened 2 weeks before had proceeded within 24hrs.

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Some users wait for 5-10 days. Everything seems to be delayed now.


None of us can help you with this. Customer Support is extremely busy – this I can confirm from comments an agent told me within the past few days. I know you want a quick answer, but you really do have to be patient. They will address your ticket when they are able, and if it is something they can assist with.


I have submitted ticket and its been over 5 days. Still no response.

Five days is not 10. Fiverr is very busy (during this pandemic), and, as has already been stated, it could take up to 10 days to receive a personal reply. Please be patient, and wait for a response.


they told me 10 business days but its been 16 business days and no reply

this has been happening only with the sellers
buyers issues are resolved quite quickly

i’ve been waiting for the support response since 10 days

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It has been 12 days, and did get a single response from Fiverr. There is a continuous decline in my ratings for no reason. Everyday I open Fiverr, I saw 1-2% decrease.

Buyers are here because sellers provide their services. This is so disappointing.

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I’m a buyer. The process is still slow. It has been 7 days since the ticket is open. No response and cannot even find a phone number to call and explain my situation. So disappointing! I encountered a fraud. The seller is using an online software to do the editing work. I feel being cheated by both the seller and Fiverr. I’m thinking to seek help from customer protection Bureau now. Do not count on Fiverr anymore.

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There’s no phone number, and support is receiving way too many tickets while their number is reduced.

One thing you can try is to contact them on Twitter with the ticket number. Sometimes that speeds things up.


Please can Fiverr respond to my Customer Support tickets 4867246 and 4867254. A seller will not let me mutually cancel the order - he wants to deliver very little work, takes weeks and has done nothing, wants me to pay to update his software, etc, His ways of conducting business is not ethical. Please help me!

I am also dealing with a fraud and been waiting for 7 days for Fiverr to reply, it’s all but customer friendly. So no more Fiverr orders till this is resolved.
Not able to reply is not the problem, it’s the end result of problem(s) and the start of other problems. Being bizzy because of Covid is not an excuse, that, if true only exposed the flaws in the whole Fiverr operation. Auto mailing everybody who is in line with some sort of explanation would have been the least Fiverr could do, radio silence has never been a good business model, unless you’ve given up and ready to throw the towel.

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I also put a complaint on customer support no response

I don’t know what happened

i placed the order on 31st October 2020 but the order was not placed payment was deducted from my bank account

After i got sms from my bank ( Rs.8223.83 was spent on your AB card ending 6004 at Fiverr limited Nicosia cy on 31-oct-20 15:31:37 like this i got from my bank

Then i checked fiver but order was not placed so i put my request on fiver but they didn’t response

They said we response in 10 days but now it’s 11 days no response :-

My ticket id : 4876056,4854880,4871886

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@sanjiniactress , @naveenkumar268, posting ticket numbers on the forum is useless. We’re just sellers and buyers, and Fiverr staff doesn’t respond on the forum. You will have to wait for Customer Support to respond.

The reason for additional delay could be that you have created more than one ticket about the same issue. It just clogs up the system and increases the waiting time, not just for you, but for everyone. I understand that you’re impatient, but by creating additional tickets you’re literally making the problem worse (for everyone).

And finally, @sanjiniactress, you’re addressing someone who has been temporarily banned from the forum and can’t respond to you (plus he’s not a Fiverr employee, and there’s nothing he can do about your tickets).


Customer Support did respond to me and resolved my issues. You’re right - I just needed to be more patient.

I did not create additional tickets. I had two separate order tickets from the same person to resolve. That is why there were two tickets. I also was not trying to address the seller in this forum.

Thank you for your input and response.

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@sanjiniactress creating extra tickets on same issues they can see any of the 1 ticket quickly and response to you

Asking in twitter it’s best to solve the ticket issue

open ticket again and close old one. I dont know its maybe replied already, check double,

There were 2 separate orders so I had to create 2 separate tickets!

I sent Fiverr a message on Twitter too. Anyway, my tickets cases were resolved so none of this needs to be discussed. Fiverr did resolve my issues quickly and effectively! I am happy with their customer support and service!

Paid $70 and received nothing like I had asked for, they had stolen other people’s work and just changed it a little bit now the seller will not give me a refund and has been just plain rude and unprofessional and Fiverr is on their side, they will not look at the comparison I sent them of what I wanted and what I got and are taking ages to get back to me. Basically been scammed out of my money and may never come back to this site ever again.

but I get every ticked replied.