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Customer support now allows scammers!

Somebody ordered content. I delivered it. Took 15 hours.

He then said

“oops. I forgot to tell you this”

It meant the whole content had to be changed. Fiverr said “refund or listen to what he says”. This was a VITAL piece of information.

So, I am not one to not want to get paid, so I started to rewrite. I told the customer what was going on. It was his fault for not submitting all of the information. Out of the kindness of my heart, I thought I would rewrite it. I mean, I had nothing else to do.

So, now we are up to 30 hours work.

Today, the customer cancelled for late delivery. He has most of the content (all of the first batch of content), and some of the second batch.


“we can’t remove the feedback because you were late”

No. Fiverr. Screw you. The customer had the content delivered on time. You told me to rewrite it for him or refund (because it is my fault the customer didn’t give me all of the information at the start).

He had sent a message to customer support at some point saying I was taking too long and they cancelled it (from what I can tell)

They didn’t even bother to look into past tickets about the content. They didn’t bother to read the messages back and forth between me and the client where he is clearly messing me around.

I have lost 30 hours of my life to this goon.

Basically; Fiverr allows scammers.

Yes. I even submitted proof the client is using my content on his website (unpaid for) Will Fiverr do anything? Hell no. Why? Because he is a ‘top buyer’ or a ‘top rated seller’ on this website.

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I know I complain a lot, but ■■■■ it. I am tired of Fiverr’s intent to screw over sellers in favour of buyers.

I had to 100% rewrite the content because apparently I offer ‘one revision’. I mean, apparently revision means doing the gig completely again because a customer did not include a key piece of information at the start (writing it with a focus on one particular technique, a technique which was never mentioned in the initial emails)

So, this has screwed it over for other people. I am no longer offering revisions OR my gigs again.

So, buyers; if you want to scam sellers; find somebody that offers revisions, get your product delivered, and then ask for something COMPLETELY new. It works especially well with content. Say, ask to write a list of treatment options for a particular ailment BUT after delivery, say you wanted a completely different ailment and treatment option!

You get the content AND customer support will cancel on your behalf.


Customer support take the view that the revised content (i.e. completely rewritten content) should be delivered on time too. As if I can pull 15 hours of spare time out of my rear end. So, basically, because the customer gave the wrong information to begin with, I end up with a negative feedback and 30 hours of lost work. He ends up with free content.

and i get responses like:

"Next time please try to deliver on time. If you see that you can not deliver order on time you can submit mutual cancellation in the resolution center to avoid negative feedback.

Thank you for your understanding."

When it CLEARLY wasn’t late. The initial delivery was on time. All of the content. Fiverr told me I had to revise it or give it to him for free (which, again is what this implies. If I wasn’t able to deliver 15 hours of content on a whim, I would have to mutually cancel)

So, Fiverr. I am calling you out.

Why do you allow scammers? Why do you punish sellers when they deal with scammers?

I have had to cancel 7 of this guy’s gigs now. This pushes my cancellation rate for this week up to 90%. (I turned off my gigs when you told me I had to rewrite his content for free, despite the client being an idiot)

Hey just appease the clock and deliver something, anything, and explain what is going on to the seller. Don’t let that late sign appear. I understand though, in this case you had an expired clock to begin with when you did the revision. No way to win here. Sorry this happened to you!

It had been delivered.

Customer support cancelled it.

Can’t you submit a DMCA takedown notice? I am sick of this happening to people and I’m really sorry this has happened to you. Also, I know how angry it makes you. I supplied all the proof CS needed to show that a buyer was blackmailing me once and they still told me that I should seek to remedy the matter with the buyer himself.

The ideal solution would be to lock documents so people can’t copy and paste text but as far as I am aware this is only available with PDF’s. Also, if you are certain that the buyer has used your work despite the order being cancelled, shouldn’t CS ban or restrict their account? After all, Fiverr’s lost out on their 20% this way haven’t they?

Sorry again but I hope it all works out.

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I’m actually surprised this happened to you. I must have gotten a few different people from CS for an incident similar to that. I had a client who who needed an essay written. No big deal, I normally do creative fiction writing, blog articles, and the occasional copywriting. So he ordered the gig with research extra’s, and I went out of my way to make it look nice and good. My gig at the time stated I’d complete it in 5 days. I did it in 3 because I had extra time.

He said he needed it in 24 hours because it was actually a homework assignment. Sent it in for a revision, and tried to cancel the order. I declined, resent it after I quickly proofread it and tweaked it a bit more, and he accepted but left me a nasty review saying because of me he failed his class. I contacted CS, showed the screenshot of the agreement to terms, and within 12 hours the review was removed, but I still was paid for my time.

I guess if you take anything from this, document everything. If I think a client is going to be a problem client, I screenshot conversations, I make the instructions clear, precise, and implicit in what I will and will not cover, and explain revision policy upfront. You’d be surprised at how willing people are when it comes to screwing others over $5.

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That’s great advice you gave.

It is the newer customer support staff who do not do anything. They have pre-determined responses. They always say:

“we carefully looked at your request blah blah blah”

But it is obvious that they didn’t, because when you highlight something they missed you then get:

“as a gesture of good will…”

This was a client demanding that the entire gig was rewritten based on new guidelines. Fiverr customer support suggested I do it as I offer one revision (I don’t now) or I have to refund. It wasn’t minor tweaks, it was 100% new articles (which Fiverr, despite me arguing, said was counted as a revision)

On your gig page, it says that you offer 2 revisions. Is that a mistake?

My gig should say 0 revisions now. I’ll look into it. Thanks! It should never say 2. It has always been 1 or 0.


Gig has been switched off permanently, so ignore the revisions thing. Can’t be bothered with some clients on here now. Tired of people placing larger orders, receiving half of their content and then cancelling (and when I try to deliver empty to stop that happening, I get an account warning). These clients agree that the deadline can be extended. However, until Fiverr gives us the option to extend a deadline from the order page, my gigs are not going back on.

Fiverr only picks on the honest guys! Not the scammers. I can guarantee that I could find 100s of gigs offering services that are fraudulent and therefore illegal. Likewise with multiple accounts that according to the TOS are forbidden. Me, I just got a warning for something I didn’t do. Not only did I not do what they claimed, I pointed out to them that their TOS did not forbid the activity even if I had done it.
They don’t care. There is no appeal mechanism and it’s a case of “if I say you did it then you did!” They haven’t even bothered to check out the so-called offending transcript in the messaging system.
An arrogant money-making Nazi-like company. [Fiverr-bashing.]

Ryan you have such good reviews and you’ve been here so long, please don’t remove your gig over this. Just stop offering revisions! And move your delivery time back farther. Move it to 3 weeks or whatever you need to. Don’t give up.

Hello, I know you are frustrated and I understand. But that’s a terrible thing to call the site.

Ryan, I’ve been following your posts for a while now. Here’s what I think…you are punishing yourself. Don’t do this. Don’t get emotionally attached to these things, and don’t get dejected. This is just wrong. Put your Gig back on please.

I am making a new gig with more expensive prices. I am asking people to submit information for custom orders to me. This gives me a nice bunch of positive reviews before I launch that gig.

I doubt I will be using the 2 x 500-word gig any more. It may go up in the future and yes, there are tons of positive reviews there.

I get attached because I am never away from Fiverr. I have my phone switched on so I can answer messages 24/7 (yes, I even wake up to answer them). I, therefore, take it to heart when something goes wrong because my whole life is (virtually) Fiverr at the moment. When ‘shit hits the fan’ it just gets irritating.

I am making a new gig with slightly more expensive prices. I am asking older customers to request custom orders for it. By the time I ‘unpause’ it, there should be 30-40 positive reviews in place. This should give me a nice boost and less effort for my money!

I hear ya! I’m devoted to my work here also and it gets to me too sometimes. I start doing goofy things.

I offer 0 revisions on any order but in actual fact, I will revise an order, repeatedly if necessary, as long as the client can show me I have done something wrong or they are being reasonable. I have twice had people request revisions of translations but not specify what they wanted revised - not telling me what the issue was.
Revisions on copy writing is a disaster waiting to happen, there should not even be an option to offer revisions on copy writing. What happened to you is really awful and it’s irritating if CS did not have your back. Hope you can get your focus back soon.

Okay, sounds like a good idea.