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Customer support now allows scammers!

I have been asked to make revisions about four times since I have started writing (over 9,000,000 words written). All four of those people have been ‘dodgy’ customers.

I don’t offer revisions either, unless it is genuinely my fault. I did yesterday, however, do a revision even though the information was added in afterwards. The buyer was being very reasonable (it was only 40 words or so that needed changing) and we agreed that next time he would give me all the details upfront. I also made it very clear that I was doing it as a goodwill gesture. There are scammers and I’ve certainly had my fair share of them attempt something with me, but I’ve learned how to tell them apart when dealing with them.

Customer support won’t even answer any tickets on this. They say I was late so the customer has the right to thr content for free. Thing is, I wasn’t late. The only reason why it went late was because the customer gave me the wrong information and customer support said I had to rewrite it for him.

So, yeah.

I just wish customer support would tell me why this feedback is fair rather than closing tickets without a response.

Until they tell me why this is fair and why the customer can have all of the content for free, I’ll keep sending tickets. I know it isn’t right, but I deserve a response on this matter.


Closed with zero response again. Guess customer support really does like scammers.

CS blends in with the zeitgeist winds. Pop yer prices up etc. Soon as someone starts getting mean, report them. Etc. Ryan! COME ON! DO THIS!

I have a hidden gig at the moment with 20 orders on it. I am building the feedback up on that before turning this gig off.

Sadly, reporting the client no longer works. They always side with the buyer. It doesn’t matter the situation. Since January, I have been ripped off of about $450 worth of content due to PP chargebacks, order cancellations halfway through delivery etc. All of the negative feedback I have for late delivery this year has had some of the content delivered and remains unpaid for.

The latest feedback (2) was actually removed by Bob (who has been on customer support for years) because he believed I was in the right as the client had some of the content and he didn’t believe I should have two negative feedbacks for the same order. (the client also agreed, before he placed the order, to an extended delivery time)

This feedback was then reinstated by some newbie customer support agent when I said “thanks”.

The way they work baffles me. At the moment I have 143 negative feedbacks. 142 of them are for late delivery. I went through and counted, about 130 of them are due to people ordering the incorrect gig, me offering cancellation and them saying “no. it is fine, i’ll wait” and then cancelling as soon as the gig went very late :confused: yet, it reflects poorly on me and it is ridiculous when I did everything in my power to tell them that they had ordered the wrong gig. (the other feedbacks are due to me being in hospital, I don’t go back through those requests to have the feedback removed because more than once the client has said they wish I just died…)

Man…I don’t know what to say. Just make your delivery time 15-20 days for a while, take it slow and learn how to say no…don’t accept every order you get.

And write 1 article/Gig, not 2 …that is too much!

“… more than once the client has said they wish I just died…” WHAT?

Yeah. Whatever. Kiss goodbye to my Fiverr account.

NOT ONLY are clients allowed to steal my content. Not only do I have to keep the negative feedback and give my content away for free, BUT I also can have a warning for sending a removal notice to the website that stole my content (apparently we shouldn’t be getting in touch with people away from Fiverr). it makes no sense. Now people who have agreed to wait for their gig are cancelling because they are getting nervous they will never get their content (Fiverr gives no way to extend gig delivery time for clients who order the incorrect gig, so it is a verbal agreement), and I am not allowed those feedbacks removed either, despite the client giving clear consent. This gig is spiralling out of control due to Fiverr’s insistence that the word ‘freelancer’ means that a person works for free.

Oh my.

It is so easy to steal content.


Can’t be bothered.

My account will be deleted by next week (when I have cleared out my queue)

I have managed to get messages like this when I was in hospital:

“Honestly. If you do not send me content, you may as well just die there because you are worthless to me”

Was the customer punished? Hell no. This was a Top Rated Seller.

Can’t you just set your deadline way back? Don’t go. You have talent. Most of your clients aren’t like this.

The thing is, I would love to BUT:

  1. Clients who just want one gig won’t order if my deadline is set to 2 weeks.

  2. The clients who want to place larger orders still won’t read the information which says "get in touch with me for a realistic delivery time before ordering.

Thankfully, the clients who have cancelled recently are reordering, they understand the issue, and that is great (although, apparently, in eyes of customer support saying ‘ok’ to having feedback removal permission isn’t clear enough as an answer and so I have to keep it until the client says ‘yes’ instead. I swear, those guys must hate me there and are just trying to make things awkward)

Customer support are too set in their ways. They refuse to acknowledge why I am asking for feedback removal. I wouldn’t be asking if the customer cancelled because I was genuinely late. I deserve that. I do not deserve it when the client has CLEARLY received the content, decided the information that he sent was wrong (so he wants completely new articles) and THEN cancels for late delivery on three separate orders. I even informed customer support when I had this issue and they, basically, said just make the modifications for him. It is silly.

The feedback system and customer support has now become ridiculous. I have this negative feedback on my gig. The only one (out of 2,300 feedbacks) for quality of content:

“very worst content delivered, he will not do any revise in content also. waste of money and time. NOT RECOMMENDED”

The first message from the client after delivery?

“I haven’t actually read the content, I just do not want it any more”

When I refused to refund, I received that negative feedback. It can’t be removed because the customer is free to write whatever they wish. I would have been fine if this was justified negative feedback. I would have been fine if he left a negative feedback saying “refused to refund as I didn’t want the content any more”. That is accurate. Saying it is the worst content you have ever read (when you have never even read it), is not accurate. Now, most people are not going to pay attention to that feedback. It is 1/2300 or whatever. That doesn’t matter though. What matters is that customers can leave inaccurate feedback and customer support won’t do anything because the customer can say whatever they want.

I could order a gig right now, have it delivered, say “wow, that is absolutely amazing” to the seller and then stick:

“worst thing I have ever received. I never thought a logo design could make me physically sick, but it did”

and the seller couldn’t do anything about it, bar write a couple of words in response.

The rating system is shambolic.

I just wish there was some way you could stay since I admire you for your writing ability. You have people here who would hate to see you go.

Yes, I agree with that. He seems to be a very sincere guy, too sincere and too hard working for his own good.

Fiverr has to admit that I was scammed. They don’t have to take the late delivery negative feedback away. They just have to admit that this person is a scammer.

Right now, they are pinning the blame on me completely for not reading the client’s instructions (which is untrue)

The client gave me a list of keywords. About 40 of them. That was his instruction. Well, he said build an article around these keywords. So I did. He said:

“fantastic work! However, you should have made it about a particular treatment option”

This treatment option wasn’t a keyword. It wasn’t a treatment option I had never heard of. It necessitated a complete rewrite of the gig (Fiverr told me I had to if I wanted to get paid).

I asked the client why he didn’t tell me about this key detail. He said:

“I thought it would have been obvious”

When Fiverr admits that is his fault and not mine, and when Fiverr admits that I should get paid for my work (I am fully aware I am not going to get paid for it) then, and only then, will I be unpausing my gig.

They don’t seem to admit it though. It is all:

“we need client’s permission”

This client will ONLY give permission if I send him more free articles… Well, actually, no. He will only give permission if I send him $75.00 worth of content in 24 hours. If he is happy with it, he will pay and give permission for feedback removal. Yes. Because I am going to fall for that. (I have produced content for free on ‘smaller’ gigs before as a sort of an experiment to see who pays. Only takes about 10 minutes of my time, so it doesn’t matter too much. 12 gigs completed like this (with promise of payment afterwards). 0 times have I received further communication) I don’t see why Fiverr is so blind to the fact I am being scammed here.

I don’t see why I need permission when it is clear the client has the content and it wasn’t late, but whatever. This is a ‘top rated’ buyer on Fiverr (I think that is what the little crown means), so it is not like they are going to kick him off the site.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan

you are not going to like what I have to say and you are probably going on a murder spree after I’ve said it but…

First of all I would not antagonize or argue with support. Let me tell you you a story. Not so long ago in a place not very far away I used to be in a technical role with many hats. All technical issues globally that could not be resolved stopped at my desk and one thing I learnt very quickly is the amount of sh*t people on support used to get and this translates into any company.

Customers used to heap abuse on them (translate that to sellers & buyers on here) and they could not reply or tell them to go forth and multiply. The other thing is they were kept in the dark about a lot of issues and this is standard practice in a lot of companies.I personally gave people warnings for passing sensitive technical information to support which was then passed onto customers. The bottom line is support are usually stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Can you imagine being on the end of a computer having to reply to an endless stream of rubbish all day every day and I’m sure a lot of it is going by the endless mumbo jumbo I see on this forum. Even if you think they are wrong about something it is usually better to let it pass, or be diplomatic about it because you will probably need their help further down the line with something else…

The other thing here is your gigs. In this niche I can tell you a lot of the buyers who cause issues are just reselling work or are ordering because they cannot even string together a coherent sentence.

The bottom line here is you are going to get and do get a lot of people trying to extract more than just a pound of flesh and the only way to deal with this is to be very firm in what you offer and not to waiver from that. If someone wants a 500 word article broken up into 5*100 word articles I would not do it.

I would not do it because common sense dictates they are probably supplying this content to some other person further down the line for the same price who in turn is going to complain incessantly about every full stop. Comma, and piece of punctuation.

you know I’ve told you this before but you need to ramp up your prices & increase your delivery time. I know you said you are leaving but I would not throw your toys out of the pram just yet! No one is going to care and another seller will fill the gap. That is the brutally honest truth. Fiverr run a business, not a knitting convention.

There is more than enough opportunity to make a living on here without any hassle if you re-purpose your gigs like you have kept saying you would in the past. In your case I would not worry about ramping up prices. you have enough feedback to justify it and everything is based on perception. If people perceive your prices are higher because your articles are better and you provide real value you will get the orders and you have proof of that in your feedback.

Buyers will be prepared to pay higher prices if they know they are going to get one good article instead of ordering 3 or four articles from someone else that read like they are written by a lobotomized monkey with a keyboard.

You will also get rid of the chancers & opportunists, who know you write good content and want to extract the maximum and who will balk at paying higher prices. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and I would do this.

I did actually put my prices up. I had another thread about it on here. Somebody complained to customer support that I was breaching my contract.

I do get what you are saying! I really do. However, they can remove this feedback. There is nothing stopping them doing so. Bob actually removed the negative feedback. He agreed with me. I said “thanks” and some new customer support agent reinstated it for some reason now it shows up as ‘unacceptable experience’ as opposed to ‘late delivery’ (but I still can’t respond to the feedback…)

My gig is well and truly ruined now. 12 order cancellations in the past day (some feedback removal permission, not a lot, most don’t give a shit). Everything has gone to pot due to this fucking scammer. I am fucking sick of it. Most of these clients were informed in advance of the delay and asked if they wanted to cancel, all said yes. But, whatever. This is my only source of income and it has completely gone.

I’m done.

I’d also like to add that customers will order and wait if your deadline is longer than two weeks. Since Christmas, I’ve had to have my deadline set to the full twenty-nine days, just to be able to stay on top of work without running late. I’ve always had super-long gig deadlines and while it does annoy some buyers, my long-time buyers know that if they have a specific deadline, they can just talk to me about it and I can probably accommodate them and it keeps a huge number of buzzards off my back. Sure, I have to send a lot of messages that say, “No, it doesn’t actually take me twenty-nine days,” but it also means I don’t have to deal with very many people that need their content tomorrow for some reason.

SERIOUSLY, I cannot emphasize this enough. My biggest red flag for buyers on this website is timeline. When someone needs something by some unrealistic deadline, I know that is a person that is going to unrealistic about other things. Those people are automatically weeded out by the appearance of a protracted deadline (even though it doesn’t actually take me anywhere near the full gig duration to do most orders).

I am done anyway. Fiverr refuse to provide support, I am having cancellations left, right and center as I have to sort out the losing a sizeable chunk of income myself. My gig is well and truly fucked. I worked so hard for years. I have never delivered poor content, and now I am probably going to get demoted to level 1. Bit of a fall from grace from TRS just six months ago.

Whole income source is gone, all down to a fuckhead of a scammer.