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Customer support only for buyers? Scammer buyer

I posted recently in fiverr forum regarding how a client first agreed on the artwork quality and after order completion she left a one star review saying “THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED I WANT MY MONEY BACK”

I mean come onnnnnnnnnnn I showed her the initial sketches before delivering the final artwork and she loved those and then the order was marked as completed automatically. And after a week she came saying that this artwork doesn’t match the style and everything which she could to get her money back. I contacted customer support and told them everything before hand along with the screenshots and yet she managed to get away with the artwork and the money. I had spent good number of hours on this project and yet she went awol with the artwork. She deactivated her account as well so I am pretty sure all she wanted was free work. But what is the customer support doing then? A seller has no rights ? What about the hours and effort I put in that project? SHE HAS GONE AWOL WITH THE ARTWORK AND THE MONEY appears as if the customer support is for the buyers only.

Fiverr doesn’t tend to help if a bad buyer initiates a PayPal dispute; they will deactivate their account, but that’s about it. There’s not much you can do. Some sellers have clawed their money back from Fiverr, but they tend to be disputes for larger ($500+) sums from–and this is just my opinion–sellers who regularly make a lot of money and bring in a lot of business. If this is just over $5-50 dollars, it’s another pill to swallow.

Gotta love bad buyers… :confused:

The artwork she went awol with was worth $150 so yeah, that’s okay :smiley: The review is gone too so that’s something good :slight_smile:

Well, every cloud has a silver lining. Can be hard to spot them sometimes! Most buyers are normal and rational people though. Sorry you went through this.