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Customer Support - "PAUSED"

I have yet to receive any satisfaction for problems, help request, or complaints from

Customer Support. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I made a request yesterday about a seller who failed to respond to me , they got back in a very short time and within a few hours cancelled the gig and got my money back.

Good for you. I’ve spent almost $3000 since the end of 2014 as a Buyer. They do not respond to major problems.

Especially if they have been paid for prior work!

I’m satisfied with the wait times and I’m level 2 as well. 4-9 hours usually for me. But it’s true that sellers get faster responses.

@robinfg, I don’t know why you’re so snippy with the people who post on your threads, but quite simply @globalva is the only apparent Fiverr employee who ever uses the forum and they rarely intervene. Your only options are to deal with Customer Support through the service system, email or pester them on social media.

No-one on this forum gets consistently awesome and attentive service from CS - no matter how many thousands they have contributed to the Fiverr coffers.

The posters are just buyers and sellers such as yourself. It would probably serve you better to direct your ire at those who are presumably doing you wrong, instead of attacking anyone who offers commentary or sympathy.

I feel your pain, especially since my account has been hacked not once, not twice, but three times and my cleared funds stolen. The so-called Customer Service is a joke. I have paused my gig (and I am a Level 2 Seller with 100% 5 star ratings and many loyal customers) because I refuse to work through this platform any longer. When I asked the either non-native English speaking rep (or totally illiterate) young lady to speak with her supervisor regarding this issue, she coldly responded “I am the supervisor.” Honey child, everyone has a supervisor and I’m quite sure you are not at the top of the food chain. I didn’t say that, but I am quite angry. It is unacceptable that the only support is through email when you have such a serious issue. When I sent an email a few days later to inquire as to the status, I was scolded for bothering her. Deep breathe. I refuse to let her ruin my otherwise good day.

Warning to all: I am not the only one has been hacked recently. They admitted to ten other seller accounts that were attacked. I have a feeling there are more than that.

What is even more unacceptable are two things:

Fiverr has known about this vulnerability issue since at least late 2013 and has done nothing to fix it.

I know the identity of the hacker. I supplied Fiverr with the email, name, and ISP BEFORE the second attack. They still let it happen two more times.


I don’t want to automatically assume that you guys have been giving the attitude you’ve used here to support, but if you have, that might be part of the reason they’ve been disinclined to help you.

I’d wager there are about five CS reps and there are about a million Fiverr users (probably more? I dunno). If only a tenth of those are sending in requests everyday (and lots of people send in more than one request about the same issue, which is NEVER a good a idea), they are understandably overwhelmed. Acting entitled to special treatment or threatening violence is not a good way to get positive results from overworked CS reps.

Wow…I’m stun by some of the posts here. I could respond to some concerns, but I won’t in fear of being beaten to a pulp =))

I do have a pet peeve about hacking. Fiverr does need to do something. If anything, at least educate members better. This subject has been discussed many times on the forum and if anything, there may be a difference in the terminology used. I’m in the phishing crowd when it comes to money being stolen on Fiverr.

Hacking means that the person has the ability to actually break the website’s code and access it at will. In other words, they have the coding skill to create a site like Fiverr. They can go anywhere on the site without restriction. So imagine if a person could hack fiverr. They would not stop at one account for theft, but they would go on a rampage of theft of thousands. Eventually Fiverr would detect something is amiss and shut down fiverr until they fixed the problem.

Phishing is not hacking. They are not trying to break Fiverr’s code and access it. Phishing is more about lies, trickery and getting someone to do something without them being aware of it. I believe that most individual thefts on Fiverr is done this way. The most common scenario is that a member will click a link and when they do they will be taken to a site that looks like Fiverr and ask to sign in with their Fiverr log in codes. Understand the site that looks like Fiverr is NOT Fiverr. So when the member signs in to the fake site, they are unwilling providing the thief their access codes to fiverr. Once they have your log in codes, they will use them to login to Fiverr to steal your money.

Hacking takes skill (they have to understand coding). Phishing can be done if someone knows how to set up a site that looks like Fiverr’s login. Yes, some skill is required to do Phishing, but a Hacker skills are way beyond what is required to access an individual account to steal their money.

With that said, Fiverr could do better job at stopping these crooks.

Reply to @barryhurst: Posting threats of violence aimed at Fiverr CS staff like @globalva or mods or anyone is a good way to get banned from Fiverr. If you feel that violent, perhaps you should just ask CS to close your account. No matter how good or bad CS may be, threats are inappropriate.

Reply to @robinfg: CS is slow sometimes but polite and patient buyers often get priority even over leveled sellers. As a buyer and seller I have treated CS reps with respect, treated them like humans and many of my experiences with them have been good.

Reply to @emasonwrites:

If CS is overwhelmed by service requests, FIVERR management is not doing its job, or simply not providing the service they are being paid for.

Reply to @alvaromejia36: I give Fiverr a lot of leeway because the company is obviously suffering from some growing pains. The point is that with complicated requests, there’s no easy or quick fix, and demanding special treatment isn’t going to speed up the process.

Also, there’s no need to send me a message to my inbox–replying to me here is sufficient.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I agree with your comment, but a little more with @alvaromejia36’s.

I can only give so much lenience for “growing pains”, because it’s a choice to expand without due diligence. And there’s also the fact that growth feeds the coffers and some of that should be being used for quality support and also fixing what’s broken - both technically and with the business model (which not coincidentally, would alleviate much of the CS burden). :slight_smile:

I want to be more tolerant, really I do, but it’s my responsibility to earn by effectively providing the service I promise, why shouldn’t Fiverr have the same obligation in exchange for their commissions?