Customer support should change the name to BUYERS SUPPORT!



I think sellers are awful treated here on fiverr. I have in total 450+ sells and i think customer support is totally unfair towards sellers.

I work hard day night i didnt even sleep… i send every file that client needs and answer them. I have 1 hour response time. I offer unlimited revisions to my clients. Many times i send more than they ordered. But here how my effort for 2-3 weeks without sleeping someone can ruin in 3 days.

Simple example:

  1. Order for 30$ and you start working. You read the brief and carefully do everything. They buyer ordered 1 logo i was sending 2 logos, i cant do 1 … never do 1 logo thats my practice of work…

Client is away for days / no revisions / no chat…

  1. Order was automatically closed by fiverr
  2. Buyer comes , leaves 1 star rating, speaking lots of awful things on your wall rating… and he is gone.

What he gets… he gets the logos.
What i get. I get 1 star rating that ruins my overall rating LIKE A LOT. and i cant do anything!
Customer support cannot delete that rating, even if you offer cancellation or money return… EPIC!

Someone else with similar experience?


Yes exactly same experience with me .
You can check my nagative reviews you will find only one and the job will automatically completed.


i dont speak about missing “ACCEPT OFFER” button… not speaking of the timer that is giving random revision hours…not speaking for experience like they take the logo, they asked money return and 1 star rating…
and a lots of other i cant remember at the moment…

I dont know how customer support SUPPORT sellers… can anyone tell me ?


I’m also a buyer and when I’m going through reviews then I usually look at the seller’s response. If you write a professional & honest reply to the feedback then I’m sure others will see that the rating wasn’t fair.


Of course, he PAID for them

We all are being reviewed by our clients. What is this rant about?
You can maybe think your work was awesome, and other people consider it average.
I would understand if the client asked to get his money back, what he didn’t. So what is all the whining about?
You worked, you got paid and your client didn’t like the work, he even kept the logos…
End of the story, move on and try harder the next time!


In his review, he does state that he will demand a refund.


It doesn’t matter. Reviews are not being modified.
Buyers get sometimes copyrighted works, and left even 5 starts reviews until later they see the work was stolen material.

If someone leaves 1 start review for my work I would check my own work out and don’t whine about it.


Eli, one negative review won’t harm you. Your other 400 reviews are 5 Stars, so there is nothing to worried about.

You could’ve messaged the client and asked if he needs any changes or more help in order to improve the design.


There is something called Feedback, there is something called collaboration, we both are defining the logo… if its for me its good… but i need the other side to get involved. there is something called REVISION… and so on… so dont tell me that he paid for that. He said “im gona cotact customer support for refund…” I think that other gig logo sellers doing this, they paid random people to do this (this is only my opinion).


how smart you are :smiley: where i live on earth or on Neptun…


For sure i will do that after he wont reply…


You all can’t read it ?? After order there is no response from buyer at all even no revisions request and ofcourse order needs to be delivered on time and still no response and three days has been passed and order automatically completed and still no response even in three days and after that just he came and reviewed her . This is totally a buyer’s fault even a child can understand this situation. Whatever argument you are giving, no argument can prove that there is even a slight fault on sellers side , buyer didn’t even ask her to revise or anything else even after absence and being unresponsive from the order date till the completion of the order .

I have mentioned this many times that it is the general practice " The person who is paying the money is always right " … Even if he did the most unfair but it is still right !!


Having the same problem. But I gave the buyer what they asked for and they loved it. All was well until they left me a 1 star review just to ruin my rating.