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Customer support taking too long to cancel an order

He has 10 hours to go, so will either have to agree to a cancellation (order completion hit), or, if he waits for CS to respond, he’ll get a late delivery. Either way, it’s a hit.


Sh*t yeah, I wasn’t thinking about the auto-cancellation if the order isn’t delivered. Is it possible to put the order into dispute using the resolution centre to avoid the order being cancelled? I feel like it’s reasonable to ask the buyer to wait while CS responds… they’ll get their money back either way. Would be worth trying!


10 days is a long time to wait …


I agree, and I don’t really know what I would do if I was in the buyer’s position. But at the same time, the buyer was at fault and I think as a seller I’d try to avoid the cancellation if possible.

Yup - but since one isn’t able to explain why they should wait because, well, warning for manipulation, it’s an incredibly patient buyer who will wait.

Last time this happened, I directed the buyer to the Fiverr Levels page …

Mostly buyers get fed up and contact CS themselves … in which case: cancellation hit …


It’s a really tricky one. 6 months ago CS probably would’ve been able to help you out with this really quickly @georgeawadallah , but it’s just not the case right now. The wait time is likely to be this long for a few months yet, because the site is just absolutely inundated with new sellers and CS can’t keep up. It’s unfair, but it’s the truth (for now).


I went to Resolution Center and asked the buyer to extend the order delivery time until the customer support response. I hope he replies to me soon. If he didn’t reply, I’ll take the hit with a mutual cancellation.

I’m wondering if the CS can remove the negative feedback which I will get because of the late delivery if I just waited without doing anything.

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Probably not :frowning: I mean, it’s possible, since it wasn’t really your fault - but it’s very rare for Fiverr to remove reviews.

You’ve done all the right things - I really hope it works out in your favor, but if not, try not to sweat it. Your cancellation rate rolls on a 60-day cycle and you can definitely make up for it with future orders. It’s not permanent :slight_smile:


Not all buyers are going to order after contacting you. You cannot afford to cancel contacting CS every time because time will run out.

If you don’t have anything to lose, you should take the order or offer more custom extra to arrive at agreeable price. You can suggest a price less than the standard and more than basic to convince the client.

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I hope so.

Thank you so much for trying to help me :slight_smile:

I hope they add an option or something to prevent buyers from ordering before contacting the seller :sweat_smile:

You’re so welcome!

Don’t hold your breath! Buyers have been asking for this feature for a long time, and I don’t see it happening because it will slow down what is currently a pretty seamless, fast transaction for buyers in a hurry. Having to wait hours or days to settle an order with a seller = less transactions = less money for Fiverr.


I wouldn’t personally do this because to me it reaffirms to the buyer that this is acceptable behavior. I’m not against haggling for a better price, but the buyer ordered incorrectly and was not willing to work with the seller in this case unless they received a base-package price for their standard-package order. That’s not professional, and I personally wouldn’t work with someone like that.

A cancellation isn’t the end of the world especially if you have other prospective orders coming in. Not sure if this is the case with OP.


I feel you. I have been there multiple times. I did a suggestion to reduce this problem, here: Changing the way on receiving orders

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I tried but he just wants a many things and he only want to pay for the basic package.
Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the price or anything. But I just don’t like to be exploited.

I’d rather get my competition rate affected than completing this order


I got this very issue right now.

A fellow seller/buyer ordered my service and is insistent that I cancel because it was by mistake. I honestly don’t know how that can be considering everything that one has to do. Since he was a fellow seller, I asked him if there was anything I could to keep the order and not lower my completion ratio.

I was appalled to see him write that mutually cancelling an order does not lower my ratio, only affects my quality of work and response time. He honestly thinks that cancelling orders does not affect our completion ratio.

I have went to Fiverr CS in the hopes that they’ll cancel the order without penalizing me. (Glad for a long delivery time for this very reason). I’m starting to wonder if this is bad dream I can’t wake up from. I mean really? He’s not NEW! He should know what completion rate means…


I had an issue like this recently.

I contacted CS through their Help & Support page. The one you get to by going to your profile and choosing Help & Support. On the next page go to, the bottom and choose Seller Help Center. Go to the bottom of that page and select Contact US Then, finally you are at a place where you can send them a message.

I told them of the situation and said I was going to be forced to cancel the order, but I did not want it to affect my stats as it was not my fault. At first, it did lower my stats, but after CS got back to me, they went back up.

Good luck.


CS will cancel it without lowering your completion rate. Don’t worry about that.

The problem I have that they are taking too long to reply and the order delivery time will end today.

So you are saying that you canceled the order with the mutual cancellation in the resolution center and it lowered your rate then after contacting the CS they were able to get your completion rate up again?

@georgeawadallah exactly! The CS rep did not tell me he did it, but said, “I see your stats do not seem to have been affected.”

But they went from 99% to 98% and then back up to 99% after he contacted me. :wink:


Thank you guys for your help!

I canceled the order by mutual cancellation then the CS fixed my rate again.

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