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Customer Support time

Hi everyone, just wondering how long CS are taking to respond these days?


Customer Support are extremely busy at present and can take more than 10 days to respond.

Thanks for your reply!
I’m having a bit of a dispute with a rude customer at the minute who placed an order for something I don’t offer without consulting me and would like to cancel the order preferably without hurting my stats, would you recommend canceling through the resolution center instead and going through my stats with CS at a later date?

In the past, I have cancelled, and order and then went to CS with screenshots as proof of the reasons I was forced to cancel and requested that CS reinstate my stats and they did.

What was odd though was that all three times I got their standard message about we can not guarantee that your stats won’t be affected by your cancellation. However, they always went back to how they were before the cancellation.