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Customer support's new saying - "get permission from the buyer to remove feedback"

I have had the worst experience with customer support for the past two months…

Whenever I ask them to remove the feedback, they say that they require the buyers consent to continue.

Above mentioned are the bitter experiences I had from fiverr’s customer support for the past two months:-

-1. I had this order where I need to create a logo. I did that and submitted it to the buyer, but he demanded for more options, and I don’t give options unless paid for another gig, because I have not mentioned that in my gig. so the buyer gave me a negative review for which I did not have the fault of. I contacted the customer support but they said, they need the buyers permission to remove the feedback, and the buyer wont give me permission because he wants additional logo for which he will not pay…

I practically tried every way, including updating it on facebook ( Which they purposely did not reply BUT replied to other’s posts )

-2. I had this another order in the Tshirt designing gig, and he gave me a link(another tshirt design which was illustrated) and told me that he wants a similar design and asked me if I can do it? I said yes, and he ordered from me. He gave an example image of the ship to give me a brief idea of how the ship looked like and also gave me an wiki link to see the details of the ship. I did the design, and he was happy with my design, but wanted to change the ship I illustrated to the image which he gave me as an brief example. But I refused because he wasnt clear in the brief and expected me to redo the ship all over again, when he had the fault to not write the brief properly.(The ship in the tshirt link which he provided had airplanes flying and taking off from the ship while the example image he provided was a standstill one with no motion) And since I refused, he gave me a negative feedback saying he liked my design but gave a negative feedback because I didn’t change the ship.

I reported this to the customer support, and they said " Get permission from the buyer to remove the feedback… "

I have clearly explained them why I cannot do so and have told them that I was not the one who was at fault and it was the buyers fault to write a poor brief, but they gave me no response.

BUT I had an similar issue for another order 3 -4 months ago, and the customer support helped me and removed the feedback as it was the buyers fault and not my own.

-3. There was another order where I need to submit 18 drawings of a book for 5 dollars.

I failed to do so due to certain issues and the buyer left me a negative feedback. After a couple of weeks, I requested the buyer to remove his feedback as I would provide his files. He told me okay, and told me " Give me the jpegs and the source files completing all the designs and I shall remove the negative order "

I did as he requested me to, but after submitting the files, I never heard back from him again. I reported this to the customer support but they said they are not responsible for this and they need the buyers consent to remove the feedback. The conversation of me and the buyer were saved in the messages and yet they ask me to get the confirmation of the buyer who is never going to show up…

I do not know why they are doing this recently to every complain I give… Its like they are not even trying to read or understand the gig problem and expect me to speak to the buyer who would not give any permission unless he gets everything for free…

I hope that atleast one of the customer support person is reading this and humbly request you to please look at these three cases.



Hi and welcome.

The Forum is not a replacement or a source for Fiverr Customer Support. We are users just like you.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Hi,

And thank you.

Would you recommend me to do something about the above stated problems?

Some buyers are game players who knows how to get back the money they have spent here…

Please advise me on this?

I have requested some advice from other top rated sellers, but I would be happy to hear some more!

Thanks again.

Reply to @alliemadison12: I disagree. It’s a lot of extra work and the buyers always refuse to admit their mistake. -_-

Anyway… I’ve read all 3 feedbacks and I don’t understand why they didn’t remove them - it’s clearly nonsense. Especially the case 1, with logo. I mean we have to offer the universe for 4 dollars but buyers can be rude and arrogant and ask for as much work as they want, but we must just… accept it?

alliemadison12 said: Honestly, for the second one, I think you should swallow your pride and change the ship drawing if you want the feedback to be removed.

Yes there is that too.

tzezuka said: Would you recommend me to do something about the above stated problems?

Problem 1...
You have over 180 positive reviews and 2 negatives and a 99% rating. Let it go and move on.

Now, having said that, you need to beef up your logo gig description. You have 7 bullet points and the first three are meaningless from a Buyers perspective. Your gig description should explain EXACTLY what the Buyer gets ( example; 3 colors, 10 colors, 1000 colors, black and white ) or ( two versions, three versions ), and the gig description must tell the Buyer what your modification & revision policy is, ( if you do them and how many you will do ).

One other thing, I would not offer or mention EXPRESS delivery as part of my gig description. Offer EXPRESS delivery as a Gig Extra and those that need it will buy it, those that don't need it won't. And it will take some delivery pressure off you.
Problem 2...
Problem 3...
Let it go and move on. You need better articulation in explaining what your gigs are, what the Buyer gets, how the buyer uses it and what you will (or won't) do after the sale to ensure Buyer satisfaction.

I don't see these as Buyer problems. You could man up and do what they ask. However reorganizing your gig descriptions will help in the long run.

Just my 2 cents.

Honestly, for the second one, I think you should swallow your pride and change the ship drawing if you want the feedback to be removed.

Edit: I am not saying I agree with the system, but if you really want the feedback to be removed, you have to comply. It’s a shame!

I had a bad feedback that stuck a long time ago. Both about 6 months or so ago and within the last month or so I got the same response. I need to “ask the buyer” to remove the feedback. If it was that easy, what is the point of even contacting customer service? Isn’t the whole point of them to solve the issue, not just delay and ignore it? My issue was in regards to a “typo” of which the buyer couldn’t prove. I sent the content article to CS, showed them screen-shots of spell-checks and more. Apparently all of this wasn’t enough. The “spelling errors” never existed and the feedback still remained. In this case I did nothing wrong, but CS refused to do anything about it. My only logical guess as to the “typo” was that a word in the UK is spelled slightly different than in the US and I didn’t really think of it at the time. Not exactly a valid reason to leave a feedback.

It is blackmail. A buyer uses the rating system against sellers to get more than the gig calls for. If you don’t comply, you will get negative feedback.

This is Pure blackmail – do you agree or would you say that the way the rating system is, is fair to sellers?

Yah I was doing perfectly fine for the past two months. This one buyer purchased my GIG I provided him with the document and he just gave me a negative review for no reason. After that I haven’t received any more sales on that GIG…

Extremely frustrated…

This is not new :slight_smile: It’s like this for years

@cre8iveartwork I think when it was the old fiverr (version 1), if you got a negative review and you cancelled the gig, even after it was completed, you also removed the negative review. That isn’t the case under fiverr version 2.

Also, the good old days, Customer Support would delete a negative review without getting the buyers permission if they thought it was justified. At least under Fiverr version 1, that happen to me. Now, I think CS has changed their policy so even if justified, they will not remove the negative review without buyer’s consent.

Reply to @tzezuka:

I see its been a year so cant help but ask. Is there any particular reason why you haven’t added a revision policy to your gigs after such bad experiences?

Reply to @alliemadison12: Do you have any idea how many hours of patience it took to create that ship? It isn’t an available vector image or image tracing a ship out of a picture to get the effects in a couple of minutes. And it was the buyers mistake too… Hope he rots in hell! And hope he gets thrown in the prison after getting copyrighted designs from other users! * Hopefully *

And this may be totally out of the blue, but you are sooooooooooooooo pretty! <3

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Problem 1- Everything was and is explained EXACTLY. But unfortunately, there are these buyers who have no idea what designing means. He expects me to give unlimited revisions and several options because some other designer is providing him? That some other designer’s work is no where compared to what I design for my clients. Hence to cover that up, he is providing with a couple of lame options. So, I don’t seem to get your point here, when you mean " let it go and move on. " Those two negative reviews affect my overall rating and my overall rating affects my traffic.

No traffic = No sales = No money

Hence, I cant just move on.

Problem 2 and 3 - Man up and do what they ask? Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much of work is put into it? It isn’t a job where you download stuff from websites and sell them to your buyers. It is creating out of the scratch with shear effort. There is a difference. Maybe you do not understand, for which I would not blame you. But please do not utter such things when you do not understand the work limit here. Besides it IS the buyers problem. I DID exactly what he MENTIONED. And he wanted to change the ship like changing diapers for a baby which isn’t easy as it sounds like.

And thanks for the gig descriptions part. I shall try reorganizing them in a more clearer manner.

Reply to @mgjohn78:

It is because most of the buyers in my logo designing gig likes my work in the first go. This is applicable to almost 99% of the buyers.

Only a few rare case ask for modifications. Minor ones are done, but major ones are a no ( such as changing the whole logo ).

If I do add a revision policy, they would ask me to create revisions even if they like the logo. Which makes it various options, and then choose one from it and complete the gig. ( met with many experiences like this, when I first created this gig. )

So to avoid such troubles, I don’t add such policies.


just had a look at your gigs.

You are doing an amazing job!

Keep up the great work.

Reply to @tzezuka:

I have a simply policy where i do one revision and yet for me its also really rare that someone asks for a modification (last modification i did was in december).

The thing is with a policy you have something to refer too when you have to get CS involved, according to the terms this would enable them to help you.

Thanks, i like your work too!

Reply to @mgjohn78: Wow, thats great! I would add the one revision policy, right away! Thanks :slight_smile:

This platform don’t protect sellers and they tend to protect the buyer side. All I can suggest is that you create a personal website and sell your own business which is I am going to do soon. I had very bad experiences with awful buyers and can’t fed up with this anymore!