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Customer waiting for update even though I can't reply

Hello everyone, I’ve been on Fiverr for some 4 months now and, until one month ago, my response rate was 100%.
In fact, my average response time is 1 hour.
The problem is, recently I have noticed that my response rate dropped down to 83%, even though I always reply to everyone.
While scrolling through my completed orders, I noticed one that had this caption: “customer is waiting for an update from you for 32 days.”
Now, obviously the order is marked as completed and the customer made a question, and accepted the order right after, not giving the time to reply.
I replied to the question in the inbox, since it’s a recurring customer and we often talk there, but apparently Fiverr thinks I’m not replying to him in the order page, even though I’m not able to.

Is there a way to fix this or should I contact customer support?


Open a ticket, show them the order number. Contact CS.

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I had the same issue the order is already completed and the client is waiting for response since last year, am past 198 days now. I contacted the support, They told me not to worry its just a visual display issue and the technical team is aware and working on a solution


So should we just wait and watch our response rate go down? Or can they at least prevent it from decreasing?

I don’t think that issue affect the response rate, my response rate is at 100% with 2hrs response time.

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Your response rate falling to 83% has NOTHING to do with this order and the buyer sending a message on the order page that is 32 days old. The only messages that can count against you are NEW ones that appear in your IN box - NOT on the order page.

More than likely, you may have received some spam messages - go look in your spam folder and see. If not, go through your entire message folder and see if there is one or more messages you may have missed.

IF you either could not reply to a spam message (that is in the spam folder) or cannot find the message the system seems to think you missed, you need to write to customer service and ask them to check your response rate, as you feel it is off - that you have answered all your messages in the last 60 days. I have had this happen before, mainly when I would get a spam message that was still in my IN box and I would just mark it spam and block the user, (without replying to it) and it would count against me! Make sure you have not done that as well. What I would have to do is contact CS and ask them to restore my response rate because I marked something spam and blocked and it wrongly messed up my response rate.

Speaking of, did you do that? Get a spam message and instead of just typing a simple response, so that you would have answered it, marked it spam and blocked? That, for some reason can mess up your answer rate.


I did block some messages from new people, maybe that’s the reason. I’ll keep on eye on the response rate to see if it goes back up.

Thank you.

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Were these spam messages? If so, contact CS and ask them to fix your response rate. I have had them do this for me many times before when someone just sent spam.

From now on, even if you get annoying spam messages, take the time to reply with something (not anything involved) then report it as spam and block them so that it will not affect you.

You can possibly get your response rate back to 100% before April 15 - I would suggest writing to them asap so you don’t lose your Level or it hinders you moving up a Level. Let them know that you did not realize that by just blocking and reporting their messages as spam it would affect your response rate and that in the future you would respond with a short reply first and then report and block. Don’t sit back and wait for your response rate to rebound if you are not in the wrong here!