Customer want to cancel order


Customer want a logo and two sides of business cards on english and french for 10 $.

I follow his instructions, and tell him if he want something to change. I was working this job 2,5 hours. I think i am right cause if i am doing something wrong i can fix a problem. But he didnt tell me anything, he just cancelled it. He want a free work i think. He will give me 1 star and it will be problem for me. I hope that you can understand me. Thank you.


Yes, always “decline” cancellation requests from customers, there are so many now that have learned how to get free work. You only have to learn this one time.


Hi @ishakb,

I actually disagree with @webtelly here. The customer is a scumbag, and he should be reported to Fiverr by you, but at the same time if you refuse his cancellation request, then you leave yourself vulnerable to a 1-star review, which will hurt you far more than the loss of $10 (and 2.5 hours of hard work). It stinks to have to do this. And again, this person should be reported to Fiverr so that they can’t continue ripping off honest sellers like you.