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Customer wanted a live session outside Fiverr

Hi there,

I was really happy the other week that I’ve got my first 5 star :star: GIG and I was so looking for the next one to come until I got contacted from a customer from Canada wanting a Live Session via Zoom outside Fiverr because he said “ that’s how people are doing the live sessions”

Being fairly new to this platform and I want to do well and increase my customer base I was sceptical about this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

I suggested I can record for him instead but he kept saying he would like to ask questions.

I felt a bit bad to leave him as he was requesting exercises for his back pain.

Has anyone encounter this issues? What did you do?

I’ve contacted CS and I’m awaiting a reply.



Fiverr doesn’t allow users to be outside Fiverr’s platform. Fiverr is not responsible of anything that could happen to you and they won’t be able to help you. It is against Terms of Service too, so you must not do that. You could get a warning very easily here.

But I am wondering. What if… a buyer sends an .mp3 file inside Fiverr? Technically, it would not be against ToS :thinking:

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Not quite true, you can very much work outside of the platform, how else would sellers work on websites for example?
If an order requires you to work outside of fiverr, you are allowed to.
But you cannot get paid or ask for payment outside of fiverr. If you need to work through zoom or any other video platform, you can record a small portion of the video conversation and use that to be able to deliver something on fiverr, since you can’t finish an order without actually delivering a file. This way, you’re on the safe side if something goes wrong.

On top of that, you can also contact customer support and ask them for their permission for this one order or if your gig generally requires you to work outside of the platform.

Would be very careful with that if it is not something you offered in your gig. Because this way the person can reach you outside of this platform you will be much safer staying inside this platform in all communications even if it would be allowed to do that. Maybe the client has normal/ good intentions but it could be not

They would chat through Order Chat page.
You also got me wrong here. I said no one can chat, contact or speak outside the platform. I did not say anything with working outside Fiverr.

I’ve offered online lessons through a video platform at some point which required me to talk outside of the platform and to add clients to my contacts and I was transparent about it towards CS, so it was fine.

If someone messages you saying “this is my mail address, contact me”, don’t do that, that’s not allowed. But that doesn’t appear to be the case for @corinapinti, here the client wanted a live lesson via zoom, so she could just create a custom offer for it and make an appointment on fiverr as well. It’s important to be transparent towards fiverr when it comes to what you do and offer.

You must get CS permission for this. Video calls without permssion will get your account banned.

Fiverr not allow this