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Customer wants a 30 day gig - how to do this?


A customer just messaged me and asked for a 30 day gig. I think he wants 1 gig per day for 30 days = 30 gigs total. He wants to be proactive and order them all in advance. Any way to facilitate this?

I am Level 2 and most of my gigs are express.

If he orders an express gig in quantity of 8 (the max) at a time, he still needs to order at least 4 times correct? And each gig in quantity 8 will all be due in 24 hours for delivery correct?

Any thoughts on how I can offer a 30 day gig to a customer?

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Reply to @jazzyjeff99: Don’t do that since it may take time to build up god rating. I think it’s better to make the best gig get the sales since that is the one which will be seen by more people…

Best of luck

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Good advice. Thank you!

I wish there were a way for buyers to schedule bigger/bulk orders over time.

I guess another possibility is to create a new gig just for this buyer? Or is that a no-no? Seems like extra work.

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Excellent advice Joe!

I replied to the client suggesting that they order my top gig 3x per week for the next 30 days.