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Customer Wants Gig Late


I have a gig in which I set the due date for 2 days. A customer bought the gig (review their book), sent me the pdf, then told me the book will not be available to post a review until a week from now - which is 5 days after my deadline. I emailed asking what to do (telling them they can cancel and re-purchase) but they said no, it’s fine, just deliver the gig late. Should I do this? Will it affect my ‘rating’? thank you.


No!!! Don’t do that^^!!! Do this instead: Mark the order as complete. Message your buyer and tell them you have marked the order as complete so that the order won’t be marked late. Then tell them that when they have book available to you, you will read it, do the work, and then send it to them over messages.

I do this all the time, and I’ve never had a problem. And an added bonus is that occasionally people will forget to send you the work later, so it’s free money! lol :slight_smile:


Reply to @cassysailermoon: I’m agreeing with you. Just deliver a message saying it will be delivered later and work on the order later. I do this occasionally! No issues

kjblynx said: Take a screenshot of their message which gives you permission to deliver late (I use Windows Snipping Tool) then tell the buyer that you are willing to deliver late.

you can do this too but from what I read

ciana111 said: but they said no, it's fine, just deliver the gig late.

I think the buyer is fine with it


Reply to @cassysailermoon: Yes, this is a great Idea :slight_smile:


Thank you, everyone, your input is appreciated. :slight_smile:


Good luck! Who knew so much of this work would be customer service? :slight_smile:


deliver the gig with an IOU, tell the customer in delivery not to rate the service until full service is rendered and until the customer is finally ready to finish the gig. either that or have them cancel or repurchase. once it goes late they can late cancel and that affects your rating almost like a force cancel. it’s bad bad bad.