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Customer wants proof of my work quality

Good day colleagues,

Sometimes, work samples in the profile are not vouching enough by clients to evaluate their candidates and contractors. In my case, my client wanted to make a small draft of the work I do so that they could judge the quality of my work and sometimes make me do a small portion of their requirements to see if we are on the same page of the work order. Is there any issue in these instances of customer demands or platform policy?

Would appreciate it if you could share some of your tips or references when it comes to this :smiley:


When you choose samples to display on your profile ideally you would have put work that best displays the quality of what you plan to sell to potential clients, so with that being said, if someone took a look at your work, read your description and FAQ and couldn’t decide whether or not were the right person for the job, I personally don’t think a free sample is going to change that.

The fact that their first idea was to ask for a free sample rather than discuss the project with you, to possibly see how you would carry out the work, to me screams bad buyer and/or scammer. But that’s just my opinion, good luck!


Samples on your portfolio must be very good, because once they are up there, you cannot remove them. Do an exceptional example, and place it there.

Please note: I do all types of writing and I do not give samples. This is a trick of the customer. There are lots of those on Fiverr.

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I would wonder, is this “small draft” that these “buyers” ask for what they would be wanting to have you do in a paid order? If so, my guess is, they are just going from one new seller to another asking for “small drafts” so they can put together a “large draft” for free.



Tell them to get their pathetic selves very far away.

If you have a proper portfolio and they are asking for free work then they are clueless or scamming. Vastly lazy at least.

If they won’t accept nicely, just block them.


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Thanks for suggestion!

Thanks, I’ll try best enough to get my most quality works on top of my profile

Yeah have thought of that too but I also take advantage from it as practice and by posting my ‘small drafts’ to social media as portfolio since I’m a designer. Anyways, I don’t do drafts that involve their gig requirements but a generic sample only.