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Customer wants revisions after a month

So this customer messages back to me after a month the order was completed…and she wants something changed again and her tone is not nice.

I explain the revisions were done and order is marked as completed long time ago. She starts threatening me how she will leave a poor review, contact fiverr and so on…

So is it acceptable the revisions to continue after a month or so? I would not mind if she didn’t threat me, but with this attitude, I explained her that she could leave whatever review she wish and may contact fiverr …

If it was working that way, then everyone can get the completed work done for free while threatening otherwise will contact fiverr or leave a bad review…

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She has 10 days after the order was marked as complete to leave a review. Also, since she’s threatening you, you can report her to the Trust & Safety team with the screenshots of the threats.

I’d say no, but CS was known to side with the buyer demanding revisions if the seller offers unlimited revisions.


Thank you, thats nice to hear!

Thats why I don’t have a review from her as it was about a month… despite she tried to threat with a negative review…

I took a screenshots just in case and reported her



I think that “threatening” a seller can be considered bullying. I would report this to CS with screenshots anyway. Buyer is “king” people often say, but there is also a limit for Kings and Queens. No one on Fiverr, seller or buyer, deserves to be treated with threats!

But as catwriter wrote, your bad experience can also depend on how clear your gig-description is regarding “unlimited revisions”. If you do have gigs with unlimited revisions, it would be a good idea to include the phrase " unlimited revisions until the order is marked as complete". Just in case.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t respond to a threat with revisions, I would contact customer support with a screenshot of what she said and ask if I could block her.

If you have unlimited revsions in your description they might tell you to do the revisions, as many as she wants. Don’t do anything without their approval first.