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Customer who dont leave reviews!

i really want to rant here, lately ive been getting these customers who ask for a lot! and once i do their work they never leave a review its very annoying! how do other sellers deal with customers who dont leave reviews but keep coming back for more gigs. I had one customer ask for ALOT more than what my gigs provides and i did all the work for him but he never left a review, i reminded him several times then he purchased my gig again and did the same thing ;(

happens to me all the time, whats worst is all the effort we do and sometimes , almost everytime i give free stuff extra on my gigs, just to recieve no review at all.

Makes me want to eat all my cookies.

Reply to @biancha: Dear Biancha,

I appreciate you. :slight_smile:


Reply to @regency85: aww thank you kind wolf, a cookie for you :slight_smile:

Reply to @webwhizz: but most of my customers who haven’t left reviews have been unresponsive for a while have you tried this after customer didn’t respond for a while does it work?

Just offer them a small bonus after you deliver gig ,“example: if you liked my work please feedback and I will add an extra 100 words to your article”

Reply to @biancha: I appreciate you too! :smiley:

Reply to @webwhizz: I am offering to write a highly converting 500 words optimized article.After I deliver the order I always offer to write an extra article free just for a positive review but still some don’t give review.Am really tired.

Reply to @kevinpeters: wow offering to do an extra article is definitely review worthy depending on the quality of your writing, I offer smaller freebies but most of the time I’m able to get a review, but there are just some customers who refuse to leave a review no matter how hard you try

Reply to @azoya186: aw you made me blush!