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Customer Who rob honest workers what is fiverr doing about it?

I have came across a Customer that goes by the name FRAGGLESROCK who has caused much headache when doing work with. I have notified members in my network. And i am now making this statement so that fiverr can get me my money for the work that i have done. Customer sends me pic with twelve images and after i was done he sent me 9 more pics and told me i have to finish them as well. Where is the fiverr security?

Who protects the sellers of being robbed by cheapskates like this one. I believe that customers who rob us ellers should be punished for exploiting us. What do you think?

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

If a buyer requests additions or revisions that differ from what they ordered, then you have every right to request additional payment. I wouldn’t do it otherwise. If they refuse, you can either take the negative that’s sure to come or request a mutual cancellation and move on. Fiverr CS can’t do anything if you’ve made revisions and then asked for additional payment.

If after you do the work you agreed to do, and then he tells you that you have to do more, it is up to you to say no. Simple as that.