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Customer will not submit requirements for the gig extra they ordered

I have a customer that ordered my editing gig. After waiting for weeks, he finally submitted the requirements and I was able to deliver the gig. He then ordered my gig extra, in which I look over their revisions of the document. The customer has still not given me their revised document, and the gig is due in less than a day. I have messaged them twice, and have not heard from them at all. What can I do? I don’t want this to reflect poorly on me.

Well, you’ve already delivered, so you definitely don’t want to cancel the order and give away the work you’ve already completed. If you’ve already tried to make contact with the buyer and received no response, I would open a ticket with Customer Support and see what they have to say about it. Since you’ve already delivered, the order wouldn’t run late; it would simply automatically be marked complete after 3 days of buyer inactivity. And if the buyer then leaves a negative review because you never delivered the services for the gig extra (because they never provided you with the necessary info), I imagine that CS would remove the negative feedback on the basis that you had no way of delivering because the buyer never gave you their revisions.

I definitely recommend removing that gig extra from your gigs, though, as it seems to me like it would set you up for a disaster. I’m sure many buyers would add the gig extra onto the order post-delivery after seeing the revisions that need to be made, which will set you up in the position you’re in now of waiting for the buyer’s revisions while the order is still open. In the future, I would just clarify that for you to edit their revisions, they should place a completely new order for another gig.

Thank you for your advice! I will definitely take that gig extra off.