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Customer with stolen identity

So I had an order few weeks ago and it appears that the customer is stealing the identity of someone. I asked the real one if it was him and I now know for sure it is not. During the gig, he said nothing much during the progress and when it was finished. Weeks after, he came back, trashtalked me and said me it was a “test” and is asking for his money back. He also let a bad review but that’s how it works I guess.
Anything I can do about it or I’ve to move on and let that guy impersonates and “testing” other people ?


I knew only after the order was completed.

Buyer said it is a test after the work was finished. Seller got paid and buyer is asking for a refund. So there is no way that seller could know is it scam or not.
This is myunderstanding

So sorry, I mixed this up with another thread, hence my last message. Thanks, @jovicdesigns sorry I mixed it up with another thread.

My apologies, folks.

There are absolutely zero reasons to apologize :grinning:
I just wanted to point you in the right direction to help this person as your knowledge about how all of this works is much bigger than mine.

Report him and block him, in this order.