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Customers asking for email - not for contact (!)


Hi fellow Fiverr sellers/Fiverr mods, I have a question.

It is my understanding that Fiverr’s terms of service preclude giving out an email address (presumably because if we all arranged deals off of Fiverr, they get nothing for all the lovely work that has gone into making this marketplace possible). Now, I want to make it clear that I want to abide by ALL Fiverr terms of service, full stop.

Here’s my question: I have a “rate your service on another site” gig, and buyers are asking me for my email address so that they can know who is rating their service (and NOT so that they can contact me, just to ID the Fiverr gig). I’ve been hesitant and have turned these buyers away in the past (I don’t want any trouble).

Is it ever permissible to provide the email address to buyers for this reason? I haven’t ever done so, but I think for those buyers who want me to prove that I did their gig, it’s a reasonable thing to ask for, so I’m sympathetic to them.

What do you guys think?

PS - I’ve thought about including an emoticon or an unusual word or something else in the text of my review, but that hasn’t placated the buyers who want my email.


Exchanging monies for posting paid reviews is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service (they have violation third-parties terms written in). The Federal Trade Commission sued a company for paying individuals to post fake iTunes reviews, so I hope you’re buyers are aware of the risk they’re putting themselves in.

I am just giving you a heads up because if you’re posting about what I’m assuming is your current gig on your profile, and Fiverr will end up pulling it down soon without any notice. Plus, it puts you as risk for them putting restrictions on your account or having it closed down all together. Fiverr’s Terms of Service is not only very clear, but short. Take 10 minutes to read through it so you don’t end up with any surprise. :slight_smile:


Hm, OK. I’ll take that gig down then.

Thanks for the advice.


Please Don’t give any email ID that are linked with your Fiverr Details or PayPal. Because by doing so I got my account hacked beginning of this year by an Indian Guy. Better create a new email for doing this type of stuff. And also don’t link the new email with your as usual email addresses. Thanks


be careful with sending your email ID so as not to get hacked by some one some where and not to get blocked by fiverr.