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Customers Cancelling Orders Because 'Not What They Expected'

Followed customer’s specific direction to have them say that it ‘wasn’t what they imagined’ cancelled the order because I wouldn’t make a new one. How cheap can people be? Stop buying your cigarettes and your Energy drinks for one day and pay a hard working designer that actually puts work in his services.

Why did you accept the cancellation?

What else could have I done? I’m new to Fiverr. Don’t beat me up to bad. haha

Reply to @ryangillam: What else could have I done? I’m new to Fiverr. Don’t beat me up to bad. haha

Taken from a Fiverr support article (

"Matters of taste are no reason to reject an order.
You ordered a ‘Logo Design Gig’. The seller delivered your logo according to the specs you submitted. However, the result did not meet your personal taste. In this case, you may ask the seller to take another go at it, using a standard message, but there are no grounds for rejection in this case."

I think this will clear any doubt about cancellations you were asked…

Given that you should try to solve the problem talking with your customer, if he still asks a cancellation simply reject it and copy text I gave you…

And if buyer leaves a negative feedback, write Customer Support appending conversation you had with your buyer and remembering this article… bad review should be taken away…

gagepassick said: How cheap can people be?

Incredibly cheap! And not to put you off of Fiverr (since you're new an all) in addition to rejections, cancellations and negative feedback. Buyers can also cancel an order payment via PayPal, long after it's completed, (and there is nothing you or Fiverr can do about it) so be prepared for that possibility.

Develop a tough skin, expect to be taken advantage of by buyers and expect for Fiverr CS to tell you to sort any problems out directly with your buyers.

Oh, and in general, you will not get rewarded for good work. Make sure any gig you offer is definitely worth your time. Good luck!

Reply to @ryangillam: if he had kept working on this order, no matter how hard you try to help the customer get “what they want” … it’ll never result with a positive review! there are too many cheap ass customers here

yah its just ridiculous. I hate it when buyers do not message you before ordering the gig. My business plan gig clearly states in CAPS to message me before. This buyer did not read the description and just ordered the gig. I asked them why did they order it without messaging me or at least read the gig description.

Now I have a bad rating, buyer is not even willing to take the refund.


Reply to @inkpetal: You’re welcome!

Last week a bozo client asked me to produce a podcast intro for him. They did not provide a script [despite my gig explicity asking for one].

Instead they provided some basic info about their show.

To go the extra mile I wrote a script and sent it to them to be signed off. They approved it, and I made a cracking podcast intro with music and SFX. He gave me five stars.

Then he said the script he approved was not correct and I should redo the whole thing. Before I could respond he altered my 5 star rating to one star.

I cancelled the gig and requested he be refunded. Then blocked him from contacting me.

And that’s what it is coming to on Fiverr, with too many people - normally first time buyers - paying peanuts, expecting the earth, and not being responsible for their own incompetence.

Reply to @catwriter: Fantastic! Well, half fantastic. Thank you.

Reply to @popeye1: good job… its always good to block them

Reply to @safwan @popeye1: Where is this magic block option? It doesn’t exist on any profile I can view. Do you have to file an official complaint? I’d assumed it just didn’t exist but this is the third post today I’ve seen say you should just “block” someone.

It would be really useful for me. Where is the feature located?


Reply to @inkpetal: When they message you, click the Report button in the bottom right of their message. That blocks them. They can still place orders, but can’t bother you through messages.

Reply to @kjblynx: You can do that, but then they can either do a forced cancellation or leave you a negative review. Success on Fiverr depends on a high rating among other reasons. With that said, there’s a buyer who wants to cancel a $20 order and I’m fighting him. I gave him a domain with 5 letters, easy to remember, easy to say, as simple as YouTube or Hulu, yet he’s being bitchy about it.

I believe you should just do your best, and try to be as friendly as possible with your customer. Though there are cheaters among them, maybe a little threat of reporting them to customer support will do the trick…

I see no reason why sellers can’t start using this support well