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Customers/Clients NOT paying more than $5 for a website

Am I the only one that gets irritated when someone wants a WordPress website or SEO done for ONLY $5!! Fiver should have a minimum set for certain gigs.
Or perhaps, there should be a “flagging” procedure - those who have a very CHEAP budget, can get their requests “flagged.” Not only can Fiverr make more $$, but the designer as well.
A budget of less than $100 is NOT worth my time - especially for a WP or for SEO services!! Those who accept a WordPress or SEO gig for $5 ($4 after Fiverr fee) must be desperate for $$!!

Just saying. ; )


Just say no and know that their site/SEO is going to be rubbish and the buyer will be awful to work with


I’m assuming you are getting these from the Buyer Requests section.

If so, it is notorious for um, cheap Buyers with bargain basement budgets.

Sure, there are many freelancers here who have had great success with BRs.

I won’t use them and don’t.

Good luck.

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