Customer's Communication Issues


A customer sent me a file for transcription but did not contact me ahead of time about wanting work to be done. There was an assumption that I was just going to take the gig without any previous communication. When I reached out to the customer, they did not respond to me. Instead, they canceled the order and gave me a low rating. How is it that a buyer can request work from a seller without asking if the seller can do the work or discussing anything about the work?


This isn’t how Fiverr works. Buyers cannot have a refund, and leave a review.

What actually happened is that you failed to deliver your order on time, you went well past the order deadline, and the seller closed the order. The system gave you an automatic 1-star “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” review. This is not the buyer’s fault. YOU failed to uphold your end of the transaction, and you were penalized for it.

Always deliver your orders on time. If you are finding that you don’t have enough time to complete your order, then edit your gig details, and establish a later deadline.


There is a misunderstanding of what I posted. The buyer never contacted me about doing work for them. They just sent a project to me without my permission. I never agreed to do the project as I had no prior communication with them. I assumed they sent it to me by accident, intending the project to go to another seller. When I asked for clarification, they refused to answer me. Instead, they rated me low for a project that I never agreed to do in the first place. I told them if that is how they do business on Fiverr, then they need not EVER contact me again.


The way fiverr is set up, people can order without talking to you first.
If you won’t work without them talking to you first, this may not be the platform for you


Really? Well, I have the right not to work with people, too. Communication beforehand is key to making sure everyone is on the same page and projects are done correctly.


That is why you create gigs with details and prices, clients can just order, it is like a product on the supermarket shelfs, priced and ready for people to take it for the displayed price , do you ask the supermarket staff if you could take and pay for a product or just take it and pay for it and go?

I think you didn’t understand how this thing works, what did you think the 3 pricing options were all about?

If your are not able to check your account regularly, then put on vacation mode.

This one is on you, I am afraid.


Yes, you have. If you can’t/won’t do something, you click on Resolve Now on the order page, and initiate a mutual cancellation, you don’t wait for the order to go late. It will be bad for your account if you cancel often, though.

If you insist that buyers contact you before ordering, the least you can do is write it in your gig description (they still won’t be obliged to actually do it). If you really can’t stand the idea of working with a buyer without prior communication, perhaps it would work better for you if you created your own website.