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Customers do not leave review


I have this strange situation last 2-3 customers, do not appear to be online often and even though I delivered or I need them to take a look. At the delivery, they do not respond.

I didn’t receive reviews for my last two deliveries, they were marked as completed automatically. But it is kinda frustrating when you are doing your job and the customer doesn’t even rate you

Do you also have it and what you do in these cases?


Nothing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Buyers are reminded by Fiverr on at least 2 occasions to leave a review if they want to. For a seller to send further messages would be annoying.

My review rate is 68% which is pretty average I believe.


I have same problem, 2 last orders without review, completed auto
One buyer 3 days offline, another was online couple hours ago but still doesn’t answer


I guess we cannot do anything in this case. Maybe just write in the delivery you can leave a good review if you liked the service


You can’t ask for a ‘good review’ - I don’t mention reviews at all now. :slightly_smiling_face:


I started here as a buyer and I didn’t leave reviews at first. Here is why, buyers don’t care at all about your situation. They are here for something that they need.

I honestly didn’t even think about leaving a review, before I was a seller. I’m not a review person. I don’t rate products on amazon. I don’t fill out surveys.

In my view, paying the seller is all that is required of me to take my product and go on with my life. A lot of your buyers are going to feel that way.

Payment should be reward enough. Buyers aren’t required to leave a review. Reviews are something that shouldn’t be expected, but should be a nice little surprise when they do happen.

We’re here to make money, right? Be happy you made money! The buyer did their part.


Thank you for your detailed reply. Honestly, I even couldn’t imagine that buyers world is so different lol. That’s so sad that fiverr puts so much weight on ratings for the seller and doesn’t force buyers to rate sellers. But what we can do as you said. We should just make money


I would not want Fiverr to force buyers to leave reviews. Making the buying process more of a bother could drive buyers away.


In addition to what @vickiespencer said, if Fiverr forced buyers to rate sellers, you might get ratings you don’t want to get.

Sometimes buyers don’t rate sellers because they think that the quality wasn’t good, but don’t want to harm their business with a bad rating.


I have seen people mention they don’t review, because they have to write a “longer” review these days. So just “Thanks” isn’t enough, or assigning stars only and use the default “Outstanding experience!” :thinking: