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Customers doesn't want to mark the order as complete


As the title says, a buyer keep asking for revisions for some silly things every 2 days just to keep the order alive, and lately he ask for some extra work in revisions, I explained to him that this is an extra work but he keep asking, keeping in mind that I delivered for almost a week, and everything was done correctly, what should I do?


Hi @everydayitems

First thing you should do is NOT to give unlimited revions!


you are right, I’m removing it right now, thanks for reminding me


I’ve offered unlimited revisions in my branding and synopsis gig since the very beginning. I can only count one time, where I’ve had a buyer ask for a large or suspicious number of revisions of completed work. Which was in the case of one individual who purchased my branding gig. Other than that, I’ve had no problems with my unlimited revisions policy. You have to understand, from time to time - you’re going to have buyers who’re either indecisive, or obsessive beyond the point of normalcy. It goes from “I want changes,” to “I’m just never going to be happy with the work no matter what.” I get it though, because even as a freelancer when I do an excellent job for a client, I am always looking at ways to get/be better next time. Even if it seems impossible. I myself have probably been a difficult client/buyer for people in the past.