Customers how to get them?


I have been on Fiverr for about 6 months. I have paid for a lot of work on it for writing but also offer my services. I have not any offers at all. WHY? What am I doing wrong?


You don’t have any gigs visible, so nobody can buy them?


I don´t see gigs on your profile either, check if they are still in draft mode and yet unpublished, or if you paused them accidentally, and if everything is fine from your end, you might want to send a ticket to Customer Support, but make sure to check everything thoroughly first so you can tell them right away you checked a, b and c, else they´ll tell you to do just that probably. :slight_smile:


They are here

But I have not had any requests ever in 6 months? They are there but no one contacts me? I don’t know why? They are PAUSED but not by me why and how is this how do I unpause them???


No, they’re not visible to anybody, which is why nobody’s contacted you.

If they’re paused, just select them (manage gigs) and make them active again.


I can’t find where to do that?? Any direct kink? Thanks a lot.


Try this:

Then click the check box beside each one you want to make active and then click the button that says ‘activate’.

Good luck!


I did it thanks. That activate button is now there when before it was not!!! very strange!!