Customer's Tip doesn't reflect on my revenue


My customer just gave me a $5 tip, but it doesn’t appear to reflect on my revenue data.

I should be receiving $12 but $8 is displayed instead.

Please kindly explain this and give me a feedback ASAP. This is alarming…


hi, same just happend to me!! so whats the update did you get it?


Are you accounting for the 20% fee that Fiverr takes out for both Tips and orders? I figure you are if you were to get $12 and not $15 before fees, but just double-checking. Do also note that the revenue chart is sometimes not very clear but almost always pays out the right amount in the end even if the list doesn’t display right before funds clear.

Check at the point of which the revenue is cleared and if it’s still not displaying right just attach the relevant order to the associated revenue and send a support ticket in.