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Customers want to see samples


Why all customers ar afraid to put the orders ?
Are they afraid for their money?
What do you manage this situation? Did you make samples ?



I’ll send samples if I have them, but not put in specific time to make samples.


I think, understandably, buyers want to make sure they’re hiring someone who can fulfil their request to a high standard. It can be difficult for buyers to see this just from someone’s profile, especially when the person doesn’t have reviews from others who have bought their gig in the past.

I try and put myself into my buyers shoes when it comes to samples, though you have to be reasonable about it. On one occasion, I did reduce the price of my gig so that they could receive a sample to see whether I could do what they were asking to the degree they were happy with, but I certainly won’t be making a habbit of it.

Something you might want to consider is using previous work (if you have permission, or if the work was created for your own project), compiled into PDF format, available for clients if they wish to see whether you would be a good fit. This is what I did after asking a few other Fiverr users for advice. I’ve sent it to a couple of people so far and it’s gone down really well!


That;s nice
Thank you for your awesome answer.

Just tell them that you provide unlimited revisions until they are happy, plus 100% money refund if they don’t like your work.

It works every time :smiley:

Tell them you cannot offer free samples, however there are varied samples of your work on your gig page which will give them a very good idea of how it will look.
If they are serious, tell them to place a basic order to get a sample to see exactly what it will look like. Usually serious buyers who are going to place a large order will go for it. If the buyer still haggles about a $5 order, it’s better to pass.


Yes to all of the above. I just say that my portfolio is an accurate representation of what I’m interested to sell. If they still want you to create a free sample specifically for them, in 100% it doesn’t end well in my experience. You’re not looking to enter a contest for free, you’re looking to sell your services, after all.


I told them exactly, and i have maybe 3 or 4 customers that leaves :))

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This is the best answer ! thank you a lot!!!

I don’t think I would ever create a “from scratch sample” for any client. I have my own sample that I can share with any client, any other request apart from that would require them to pay the gig price.

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Better question is: How would you showcase your work, when your product is not something you can show a sample of - like in the spiritual category:)

The problem is :
The customer want a Dragon with yellow fire ( just an example)
Customer want to make the dragon with yellow fire and send it to see if it’s good.

This is the real problem in this situation. Maybe it’s a waste of time to make samples for customers :-?

That wouldn’t constitute as a sample. What he/she is looking for is a freebie

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Hi,i sent them demo file.

Probably they want to see if your work is unique. :tipping_hand_man:

I have had some buyers requesting for a quick demo/sample of their work, which I made and got two orders from,
while some buyer’s last reply is ‘cool, its awesome, its nice blah blah, i will place order now’, and then they disappear :rofl:, while some won’t respond again after you send them the sample.

I will say if you have the time, make some for them, if not you can send previous work(s).

one of the most valuable answers.

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I don’t do custom samples, I just send sample of prior projects that are similar.

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He o she is looking some to work for nothing… time is money… if you a show case or portfolio… just send the link… for example… if you to order a dress to a tailor that fit you… you see a sample or catalogue… but you do not ask a free sample dress to see if you like it… reviews are made for that… case ask revisitions about some particular aspects of your work… but you already have a contract with her or him.

If they are not willing to risk a ridiculous amount of $5,00, all they are after is free work. They are not worth to have a conversation with. Waste of time and effort. Plus: if you want to never be happy again, offer unlimited revisions and 100% refund.


I have unlimited revisions and 100% refund. But many customers are afraid for their money and i don’t understand why. Because Fiverr gives you money back with a simple button or help ticket.
Many customers leave conversations after i sent them the samples, and many don’t want to order before they see a sample for their work, a sketch or something.
I can’t send them my own work because they want to see samples from “theyre ideas”…
It’s weird, and i think i will don’t make samples . My gig is $5 so, i think is not worth it.