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Customers want to use upwork through my account

Hi Guys!

I’m a new guy on Fiverr and yesterday I received a message from a “Web Developer”, that he
wanted to talk to me via ■■■■■, turned out, he wants me to create an upwork account, and He will use it for getting more jobs.
He wanted to pay 50$/month, but after a couple questions, I sad no then, he ended our conversation.
Today, Ichecked
Today I received a message, from another “Web Developer”, who wanted to do the exact same thing, but for more money,

Is this a scam? or this is legit?
Please answer.

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its a scam. read my new post, signs of a scammer. it is a red flag if they try to contact outside fiverr


Hi @sandoo23

Please, reply those messages with a simple “No” (this, for protection of your “Response Rate”), and then report those users to CS.


Thank you for the answer!

It will not be the smartest question, but I am a new guy, sooo what is CS?

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Thank you, It is really helpful!

You’re welcome @sandoo23! :slightly_smiling_face:

My bad, sorry. CS means Customer Support.

You can either report users directly from your Inbox (and it will go straight to CS), or by placing a ticket.

When reporting from Inbox, you need to pass the mouse over the user’s message and it will show a “Report” and a “Flag” options.

When reporting users using ticket, here’s the link to access CS and place it.

Hope this helps, and, once again, excuse me for not explaining myself completely.


Thanks a lot!
I appreaciate it!

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Don’t worry, you’re most welcome! :wink: