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Customised 'breakout' style video game

I am offering to create a custom brick breaking HTML5 video game in the style of ‘Breakout’. The game with run in most modern web browsers and is multi platform working on PC, tablets and phones.
The game can make a unique gift for someone or as a handy add on for your website or blog.

On the basic package i offer you are able to pick your own choice of backdrop during the game you can also choose the message that appears when the game is won. This could be useful for a business who wants to share a voucher/promo code as it makes the visitor work a little and spend time on the website. Which can help with Google rank and advertising income.

If you want further customization such as changing the shape, colours and layout of the bricks, change the design of the bat or ball or even the sound effects or difficulty levels then pick either the standard or premium package.

To order my gig or to see a video of the game in action go here Custom Breakout game

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