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Customizable Nudge Wordage

“NUDGE NUDGE! Any news about the stuff I need for your order? If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.”

“stuff” is not exactly how I would refer to the precious cargo my Clients purchase with their hard earned money. I prefer sending Buyers a friendly reminder rather than a “NUDGE!”. The ability to customize would be appreciated.

Thank you

I agree–the way the Nudge feature is currently formatted makes it look like the seller wrote that message and I, like you, would not use the word “stuff.”

“Nudge” is not a commonly used word and has a negative connotation. I would consider it impolite. The one time I used it had wished that I could have taken it back. Instead, I now message the buyer with a polite reminder.

There was an infamous book called Nudge, it’s about gently forcing people to change behaviors. For example, you go to McDonalds and they give you carrot fries instead of french fries, unless you specifically ask for french fries. Cass Sunstein is an evil man.

Getting back to the discussion, Fiverr won’t allow buyers to change that message because some might write. “Hey a-hole, are you gonna give instructions?”, and then CS would be getting messages from offended buyers.

As for:

"“stuff” is not exactly how I would refer to the precious cargo"

True, but Fiverr is pretty informal. That’s why they show you the Martini with the olive every time a buyer marks an order as complete.